Thermaltake Kandalf+Vapochill=????

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Apr 2, 2005
  1. I want to build a new computer, because the one I am using is a Dell Optiplex GX1. Anyway, if the case I want to use is a Thermaltake Kandalf, and I want to VapoChill cool it, what should I do? How should I attach the VapoChill? Can I? (The asetek website says to consider Lian-Li cases, but I don't really think that a Lian-Li case would suit me.)
  2. isatippy

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    Give us some more info on it. What is a VapoChill?
  3. zephead

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    don't you use google? it's a sciency process of phase change/vapor compression for cooling a cpu.

    get a case with plenty of room and your installation should go well

    don't rule out the possibilty of having a local PC repair shop or technician install the vaposhill or advise you on what to get...
  4. MutantToad

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    Thanks! Kandalf probably has enough room, as it is even bigger than the VapoChill.
  5. zephead

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    the manufacturer of the cpu heatsink should say what space you need. the zalman 7700 cpu coolers, for example, say 'you must not have anything higher than (#inches) within (#inches) of the center of the cpu. so even if your case will hold it you must be certain the board will allow for it. northbridge coolers, voltage regulators, and other parts may get in the way.

    example: my friend has a gigabyte k8nxp 400 pro (i think) and found that the voltage regulator parts were too close to the socket for him to install a thermaltake cpu cooler. we were able to grind down the corner of the heatsink using a bench grinder to allow the heatsink to fit.

    so don't be discouraged: you may very well find a workaround solution for installation troubles.

    good luck.
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