Lian Li introduces T-shaped power supply for dual-chamber PC cases

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In a nutshell: Lian Li has introduced a new prototype power supply series designed specifically for use in dual-chamber PC cases. The Lian Li Edge Series PSUs feature a T-shaped design that brings the modular cable connections out on an island. As you can see, the connectors face outward for easier access when the unit is installed vertically in a dual-chamber case, although Lian Li notes that the PSU should be compatible with most any modern case design.

Highlights include an integrated USB hub that adds four additional headers to the mix, which could be useful for those with lots of RGB accessories. The flush-mounted cooling fan grill, meanwhile, shouldn't interfere with tight-fitting side panels, we're told. Buyers will also receive 600 watt, 12VHPWR cables for newer GPUs, as well as two types of SATA cables.

Lian Li said it plans to offer the PSUs in black or white as a 1300 watt unit with an 80 Plus Platinum rating. There will also be 1000W and 850W 80 Plus Gold variants, and an 850W model with non-sleeved cables.

Pricing and availability wasn't mentioned. For comparison, however, Lian Li's SP850W PSU starts around $135.

I don't know that I'd go out of my way to purchase a PSU with side-facing connectors to replace a traditional unit. I recently assembled a new PC in a dual-chamber case using a PSU that's several years old (but still works perfectly) and had zero issues with cable access even with the unit installed behind the motherboard. Still, it's cool that the option exists, and if pricing is right, it might make sense for some buyers.

The announcement came during Lian Li's recent digital expo, where the company also showcased a prototype gaming desk sporting a built-in 30-inch transparent OLED screen from LG. The DK-07 can accommodate an impressive array of hardware under its glass top, and enough cooling options to ensure overheating won't be a concern.

Should you be in the market for a height-adjustable desk that doesn't include a built-in screen, the Magnus Pro XL from Secretlab might be worth a look.

Rob recently checked it out and came away thoroughly impressed, despite its relatively high price tag (but that's par for the course with high-end desks). All in, Rob's setup cost $1,314, which included $949 for the XL desk plus accessories.

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Well I think it make sense IF the PSU end of the cables is bent 90 degrees... Because stiff cables like the 24 pins mobo cable would be easily to reach but could be pressed into the side pannel, don't seem like a good solution... Like the 12 pin gpu cable pressed against the case glass pannel issue.
My only issue (though I really doubt I'll get one) would be footprint. If the additional cable "ledge" increases the unit's length to a great degree IMHO it might create a trade off of fixing one problem but creating another.
I'm less excited about the shape than I am about the built-in USB2.0 Header power hub. That's brilliant! The only question I still have is: does it have Seasonic guts inside?