This website shows every product Google's killed


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The aptly-named Killed By Google is the work of developer Cody Ogden. It lists the name of the service/app/hardware, the date of launch, when it was or will be killed off, and a brief description.

"We grow accustomed to the apps, services, and devices we use as a part of our routine,' said Ogden. 'We come to know their characteristics, their quirks, and like a relationship, it deeply affects us, even for years after they are no longer with us."

Some may recall when Google killed off the Nexus phone branding in 2016, or when its Project Tango mobile AR initiative was closed down to make way for ARCore two years ago. The website also includes more recent closures, including that of Google Allo, while Google+’s shuttering, scheduled for next month, is also listed.

Ogden shared some of the comments from the Reddit post discussing his site, illustrating the connection we often have with technology. Speaking about the 13-year-old Picasa image organizer and viewer that was killed off three years ago, one person wrote: “Oh I miss Picasa, never found something I liked as much.” There are also plenty of people still upset at the demise of the Google Reader RSS/Atom feed aggregator, which came to an end five years ago.

Ogden said it was the killing off of a Google service—Inbox by Gmail—that prompted him to start the site. "Like a graveyard, Killed by Google is a place to show respect for what used to exist, and to provide an opportunity for introspection about what one’s digital future holds," he said.

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I forgot the name of Google's upcoming cloud gaming device, but it won't matter because it will also end up on this list.


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I think Google is trying to create a new killer app or a killer service.
They dont have one and only thing they care and do the best to make it succeed like those
companies they bought for billions. Those, just like google, raised from the ashes cared and nurtured.
These dead apps are just random attempts to make something great.
But I don't think there is a lot of soul and caring behind any of them.
No one will care about them like things that were unknown to most people but slowly became popular.
Sadly, google is now building a new reputation, reputation of a company that makes short lived services and apps. Why bother getting used to them if alternatives actually cared for and their owners will do anything to stay alive and needed? It feels like one day if you hear about a new google thing, you only do one thing--ignore it.


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Would have been more interesting to see what other 3rd party applications or services that Google "killed" rather than what in-house things it got rid off. Who cares which of it's own products were terminated?
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It's not a surprise, their business is literally throw as much **** at the wall and see what sticks, they've always done it.