Thoughts on Radeon 8500????

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Building a new computer and Im on a strict budget. Im limiting the video card to $100. I found an 8500 125mb card for $99. I had a Rage Fury in my first computer and ATI really sucked when it came to drivers but Ive been reading thet they have gotten it together in that area. I was looking at gForce 3 cards but they seem to have gone up in price. The Xabre 400 Pro with 128mb is $100 and looks good but Im hesitant to try a new product. Thanks


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I love mine.

I'd say go for it, it's really a nice card and blows any equivalent-priced GF3 out of the water.

I'd also say stick with nVIDIA or ATi, just for the sake of compatibility.


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I use a Radeon 8500 in my system, I wish I could of got mine for $100(and I have a 64mb), for that price it is a steal
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