To Hot and voltage spikes

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May 10, 2004
  1. Can someone explain to me what the diode temp is? I have just installed MOB Monitor and this monitor say's that my Diode Temp is 192 deg Cel.
    Case averages at 47deg C
    CPU socket at 24deg C

    I'm also getting wierd voltage spikes some times a voltage drop.

    Currently running four case fans, one more thing, CPU core voltage is 1.70 Help?
  2. Moimit

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    have you tried flashing your bios. some temperature monitors can screw up. has it always been like this?. what power supply do you have?. what speed is the chip currently running at? in mhz.
  3. Steg

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    1.7v is a fairly normal voltage for Athlon XP processors - anything else at that voltage would probebly melt.

    A diode temp is the temp recorded by a diode build into the CPU core - and is thus more accurate than the socket temp. The diode often reads high by 2 or 3 degrees though, while the socket temp often reads low by 5 or 6 degrees.

    Alos your temps are quite worring, 47 degrees case and 24 socket? are you sure that is the right way round?

  4. Tarkus

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    when you see temps like that on MBM then it's usually an indicator you've mapped the wrong sensor (specifically no sensor).

    For my A7N8X-DX rev 2, I use:

    W83L785TS-S Diode for the diode

    Asus 1 for the socket

    Asus 2 for the case
  5. tobasco

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    Hot and voltage spikes

    Thanks for the info, I may still have a problem with the heat and at one time i was getting crash's out of the blue. I did a total cleanup in the box, twice, and checked out my fans, they all run, then removed the new monitor app I installed and haven't crashed since. I did this in sequence, First cleaning, crash, Second cleaning, and app removed no more crashes.
    I'm sticking with ASUS Probe and checking the history every day, seems fine. With A-probe I don't have a Case monitor but my readings are consistant as follows :
    CPU -- 51C/ 123F which is consistant with AMD's profile
    MOB -- 29C/ 84F and I don't have a temp profile from ASUS.

    Never the less I intend to install a beefier cpu cooler/fan(Zalman 7000A & 2 80mm case fans) and will update(flash) my bios asap. I've tried flashing the BIOs before without success but have found a good article and will follow this sequence

    Momit : CPU@ 21.675 / Antex 430 atx- 12
    Thank's yall, if you have any suggestions please spin,em on, I might bump everthing up a notch with an XP 3200 and 400 fsb ram.
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