Top 5 Monitors for Nvidia RTX 4090, 4080 & AMD Radeon RX 7900 GPUs


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Hey all, to assist my son on his new IPS monitor replacing a VA television monitor, is there a general rule of thumb for adjusting settings to optimize Contrast Ratio? Coming from a VA display he sees a lot of gray where it used to be black. His room is often dark with lights off compounding the issue. I've seen low brightness, high contrast as a solution. Will other settings minimize this? Thanks.
Just use the the windows build in calibration tool. Look for color management in the start menu. Also search here
To see if they have ICC profile for your monitor.

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If your wallet is not a bottleneck then a super ultrawide 49 inch monitor like the neo G9 is probably the best immersive experience for Microsoft flight simulator. If you wait 2 weeks for CES 2023 we will likely see next generation display port 2.1 monitors like the 8k monitors by Samsung and others.

Yeah, I'm not looking at replacing my current monitor at the moment. I'm just looking at upgrading the pc and to not go so far that it's wasted on a 3440 x 1440 100hz monitor. From what I'm hearing at this resolution, even the current high end CPU's aren't a match for the latest graphics cards.



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I suffered a lot with m28u. I even lost 150 dollars sending it for repair.
I was wrong though. I use three cables coming from my GPU. Receiver, Main display and secondary display. So, whenever I had receiver connected, m28u would occasionally drop the single. Briefly, not very often, but it drove me crazy. The second monitor worked perfectly fine and I never suspected anything else but the monitor to be a problem.
I still cant tell if there is something specific with m28u that makes it lose signal or my GPU.
For now, I wired mu secondary monitor to receive signal from my receiver.
I never had signal loss again. But if I had to buy a monitor again, I would probably go wth samsung or LG.