Toshiba agrees to purchase OCZ's SSD business for $35 million

Shawn Knight

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OCZ’s days are officially numbered as the company has reached an agreement to sell their solid state drive division to Toshiba for just $35 million. Specifically, the deal covers OCZ’s client and enterprise solid state drive business which includes OCZ's...

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TS Evangelist
The above 2 comments baffle me.Toshiba doesn't have much in the SSD department so it'll be a good acquisition for them. Toshiba, while seemingly not a popular company here to the basic consumer in the US has a great reputation with some of the business I have worked for and I have had solid experiences with their products myself. I, in no way, see Toshiba as "f**ked".


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I miss that old PCP&C. Hope that they make it out alive. They were one of my favorite power supply brands.


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I, in no way, see Toshiba as "f**ked".
Honestly, I don't either. I don't even see OCZ that way, they are pitching the company out the window just to be doing it. It wasn't plain to see but I was being sarcastic. I think Toshiba knows what they are getting into, and don't think OCZ is in that bad of shape.