Toshiba laptop and Dvd drive

By wacind
Jan 9, 2005
  1. Hello

    I am running xp prof on my Toshiba Satalite A25-s207 laptop. Recently i noticed that it has stopped playing home made dvds. that use to work fine. i have also recently formated my hard drive and this problem still remains. original cds, original dvds and custom cds work fine, its just that some home movies that i have on dvd are not even recognized by the system anymore. these use to work fine about 2 months ago, then i tried agian a week ago and it stopped working. i formatted my hard drive 2 days ago and have not got them working.

    if this is a firmware related issue, can someone please tell me how to get it, cause ive searched on google and toshibas website but cant seem to find it

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