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Toshiba Satellite - black screen after "bios" update

By moniquoi
Jun 10, 2009
  1. Hi everyone,

    I am having an issue with my Toshiba notebook. My model is Satellite A210 - MS508C. I am out of warranty.

    Originally, I was having problems turning on my computer. I would push the power button to turn on the computer. Usually, there is a Toshiba loading screen with a bar at the bottom showing the loading process. Right after, there is a Windows loading screen with another bar at the bottom showing the loading process. I was having problems at the Toshiba loading screen. It would load about 75% and then freeze. My computer would not turn on and I would have to manually press the power button to turn the computer off. Then, press the power button again after waiting a few minutes to try to turn the computer on again.

    After having this problem for a week, I figured it was maybe because my computer is not as updated as it should be. So I went to the official Toshiba website to their updates page. I started to download the BIOS update.

    In the middle of the installation, my computer shut down (turned off) by itself. There was no indication that the installation was complete. I also remembered reading that the BIOS update should restart automatically. My computer turned off itself all of a sudden and did not turn back on. After waiting a couple of minutes, I tried turning it on manually by pushing the power button. There was sound and the blue power button light below the touchpad was on. However, the screen was black and blank.

    I've read a couple of other online forums and there has been similar issues.

    A member on notebookreview.com (username:marmle) said:
    "I tried updateig my bios and my laptop died halfway through now it doesnt do anything... powers up but then just black.. and its out of warranty."

    Another member on notebookreview.com (username:wade3fan07) said:
    "Just an fyi, I just had the same thing happen to my A215-S5825 and I went ahead and called toshiba and they told me that it is a known issue and will be covered by toshiba until december 31, 2010 hope this helps anybody out there. I am now sending my laptop back to toshiba to get fixed at no charge."

    Has anybody heard about this same issue? Any ideas on how I can notify or ask Toshiba to fix it for free? Is sending my labtop in the only way to fix this problem? What are my options?

    I called technical support for help as well but they just kept telling me to send it in. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 6,908   +10

    Known issue, but Toshiba takes forever to make it right... Yes we have seen the problem... but don't expect Toshiba to get it back to you quickily... as they have to replace the system board, and they are usually out.
    There is nothing you can do but send it in... because otherwise your system board is ruined.
    Good luck
  3. moniquoi

    moniquoi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    save documents?

    thanks for your quick reply!

    is there anyway I can save my documents? like my word documents and pictures? thanks to anyone who replies!
  4. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 6,908   +10

    You can save them by putting the hard drive into an external enclosure (I recommend Nextstar 3 on a USB cable... then copy off the files from the My documents section... There is software you can use to recover outlook files... but if you use AOL, you have to use some special software to save those files... You can find ways to recover your AOL files and documents using a Google search... when you read it, you will say, "Oh, No!" But sorry, there is no easier way that to go through the work with Google.

    For everything else... Quickbooks, Quicken, Tax programs, you have to know the name and the approximate date, then fine them in "Programs" in the C:\ drive... then drag them to the folders you have selected to save those files in...

    But it can be done... just DO NOT do anything to cause any software to write files or updates to that hard drive that contains everything... and if you are inexperienced, and you need those files, hire a knowledgeable tech to help you... Be aware that saving everything could take as much as four or five hours... But you can keep the hard drive in the enclosure, and do a few a day, or when you have time.
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