Toshiba Satellite crashes with 2Gb

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Jan 2, 2008
  1. I replaced the two 512Mb RAM-chips in my Toshiba Satellite L30-10T (PSL33E) with 2 modules of 1Gb each. But after starting up, it crashes with a blue screen.
    The computer works fine with one of the new chips, also in combination with one of the old 512Mb's, and in what ever order you can think of. Also i tried another brand: nope, it crashes when ther is 2Gb installed.
    I updated the bios, didn't help.
    Can anyone tell me what to do, or just rest in the knowledge 2Gb is out of my leage?

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    Are you sure the new memory is meant to work on that laptop ? Just because it physically fits, does not mean it will work. You have to make the sure the new memory is rated for the same speeds, the same timings & the same voltage as the memory you're replacing.
  4. petervandezande

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    Of course you're right. But if the memorychips are not compatible, then only one would not have worked either, but they do. Only with the two of them the laptop crashes.
    But you tipped me. The new chips are 677MHz, but the old ones are 533. I found a shop who sell chips with 533MHz. I'll try them.
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    Maybe the extra speed means the modules consume a bit more power & the laptop can supply enough power for one module & not two (I'm just guessing as I wouldn't be able to find a reason without fiddling with the laptop :p ).
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    To answer Kimsland

    Both cards are the same manufacturer, speed, date etc. Bought at the same time. And besides, one card works with one of the original 512mb cards (as we speak, i'm working now with 1.5Gb: 1x 1024Mb new card and 1x 512Mb old card. Works fine for weeks now.) I tried one other brand (Corsair), same thing.
    I updated the bios, by the way.
    Maybe this laptop can only handle specific type of cards. Expensive ones, probably.
  7. petervandezande

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    To Didou

    You maybe right. But i don't expect a blue-screen, just going black.
    But it sure is possible. I try the 533Mhz version tomorrow.
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    The first thing you should try once you've upgraded the ram is to run memtest for a couple of hours (days if possible).
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