Transcribing interviews with voice software

By Palex
Dec 12, 2011
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  1. My daughter's a science journalist and does many interviews. It would be helpful if she could get those interviews into hard copy with something like Dragon instead of her typing everything. A few years ago she tried using a voice recorder followed by Dragon, but Dragon couldn't handle the fidelity nor two people talking back and forth. Ideally, even the recorder shouldn't be needed, just talk directly into the laptop. Anyone know anything out there that might work?
  2. jobeard

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    Think you are on the right track - - Use Dragon directly.

    When writing an article in Word, especially first draft stuff, we encourage the student
    to ignore formatting. There is a lot of revision work and editing that goes on long before the layout, font-style, headings, indices, style sheets need to be considered.

    There's a lot of formatting phrases that just complicate data capture - - so drop it;
    just get the voice->machine readable text. She can always format later.
    Might try to use New Paragraph command to create blocks of text instead of just one massive flow.
  3. Palex

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    jo...just give it a try, eh? good suggestion, thnx.

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