Trouble installing SATA drive on XP  HELP!!!

By Tyler98133
Jul 6, 2005
  1. i lost the floppy that came w/ my mobo so i went to the mobo's site (abitusa) and d/l their sata drivers here:

    step by step here is what i did:

    d/l the drivers.

    unzipped the file.

    after unzipping the file it created a folder w/ drivers for intel, silicon, and via then there was a file called txtsetup.oem sitting in there w/ the sub folders.

    I transferred the whole folder to a formatted floppy disk

    rebooted machine, ran windows cd rom

    pushed f6 to install sata drives

    inserted floppy and pushed enter when prompted

    a message appears that says could not find txtsetup.oem (even though i know it is on the floppy!)

    am i missing a step???

    i have a few ideas that could make this work...i was going to try these, but if someone could save me the headache i'd appreciate it!

    i was thinking maybe use an unformatted disk, try copying just the "via drivers folder" to the floppy, etc... but can anyone think of why i am getting the could not find txtsetup.oem error???
  2. Tyler98133

    Tyler98133 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    moved file to via folder and it worked :)
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