Trouble With Ram Installation

By jasonwvu151
Apr 6, 2006
  1. Hi guys new to the forum. Newb question -Im sure this question gets asked alot.... i recently purchased 1gb of new ram for the computer. I have 3 slots on my motherboard, which is an ASUS P4PE2. There are two sticks in there already. The ram i bought is Kingston 1gb 333mhz DDR, 184 PIN DIMM, (KVR 333/1GR) which i believe should fit my machine (PC2700). When i installed it the ram snapped right into place and appeared to be the right size. I booted up and got the black screen of doom. Im wondering if there are maxium amounts of ram you can have for a motherboard? Does it matter which order the memory sticks are placed? I already have 768 megs of ram. Also, what is the difference between DDR and DDR 2 modules? This whole thing is puzzling, and the manual my motherboard comes with is totally useless.
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  3. jasonwvu151

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    Thanks Tedster. the guide helped. so did finding the correct f@%!^ing manual buried in my basement. Got the ram installed, feels like a new machine. thanks again
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