First PC build, long boot times, RAM issues?

Just built my first PC.
R5 3600
RX 5600 XT
1tb intel m.2 drive
XPG GAMMIX D30 Desktop Memory: 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz CL16 Black
Asrock B450M Pro4

My boot times are about 15 seconds pre "asrock" logo... Till then I get no input, but once the mobo logo is up it’s a less than 10 second boot, so windows is coming up nice and quick off that M.2 drive... I think it’s a bios setting of some sort, IDK. I changed ram speed/voltage in bios to 3200 and the 1.35 set automatically. I also have found out that my default bios is 4.30 and the most up to date is one newer which is 4.60. I don’t know that I need to update it, and would be nervous to do so. I ran two full passes of memtest86 and passed flawlessly (I know there is debate about running memtest86 for 86 days or whatever, people say one pass, people say 10, people say 24 hours, IDK I did two passes and felt confident.) Also ran an SSD bench and it was 1800-1950 so that is running well. When I booted initially I installed MOBO drivers and GPU drivers.

So two questions here.
1. These ram sticks are 16-20-20, I’ve read some places that Ryzen doesn’t like such loose timings? Do I need a different set of ram? I know about QVL (not till after putting it all together). I need help knowing if I need to change ram sticks, if I do, I need to know 100% what sticks will fix this problem. If it’s not the ram sticks, then-> (Question below)
2. Why do I have a 30 second boot on a brand new build with components that shouldn't take that long to boot?

It really seems like there is a ram issue, I’ve heard ryzen is picky, but I'm having problems finding concrete evidence of it. I need a smoking gun to justify replacing the ram before my replacement/refund date with newegg runs out. This build more than capped out my FunFund and if I need to upgrade my ram to make it work correctly I’ll do it, but I need to be able to justify it.

Thanks in advance, guys.


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Given that actual performance once in Windows is fine, it sounds like it's more of a BIOS setting issue - see if Fast Boot is disabled in the motherboard BIOS (it's in the Boot section of the main menu). If it is, then try enabling it and seeing if that reduces the time.

On the matter of the RAM and its timings, that ADATA model hasn't been tested by ASRock for that particular motherboard; however, this one has:

It's worth noting that that DDR4-3200 model has the XMP timings of 16-18-18; there's no guarantee that switching to these will fix your problem, though.

ASRock recommends that you don't update the BIOS to 4.60 if you're using a Ryzen 5 3600, so you can discount that.