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By gulabg
Jul 6, 2014
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  1. I am trying to back up a partition 'N' on my hard drive to external hard drive 'G'.My operating system is windows xp. In the past I have never had any problem doing that.
    Now I am getting a message 'Completed with errors'.
    Expanding the message, I get following list of lines:
    Operation Office_N started.
    Priority changed to low.
    Analyzing partition '0-0'.
    Analyzing partition 'D'.
    Analyzing partition 'C'.
    Analyzing partition 'N'.
    Analyzing partition 'G'.
    Create incremental backup from NTSF 'N' to file 'G'\My backups\Office_N.tib compression normal.
    Locking partition 'N'.
    Operation with partition 'N' was terminated.\Details:\Failed to create volume snapshot.(0x70021).
    Failed to lock volume snapshot.(0x10c449).
    Operation has completed with errors.

    I am also surprised why it says incremental backup when I gave it new file name Office_N to backup to.

    I will appreciate any help.

    Best regards,

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