Trump's cybersecurity advisor had his iPhone erased after entering the wrong password


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If I liked Dylan, I would post a link to "The Times, they are a changin" :laughing:
Wut? Nobody can listen to or like, Dylan doing Dylan, that's the folly of your ways...

Maybe you've been listening to his stuff in the wrong key. Here's Georgia Whiting doing "My Back Pages", in A major:

Now how can you not like that?

(@ 02:22 Ms. Whiting even pretends to play a 12 string Rickenbacker electric, one has to assume as a tribute to the Byrds seminal, and likely most famous, cover rendition of the song).

Even in the original key, E major, it sounds great sung from a VW bus

Dylan did after all, get a Nobel prize for literature, not for musical performance.:laughing:
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