trying to flash BIOS

By White Rabbit
Aug 15, 2004
  1. ok guys heres the deal. i have an HP 8565c with the Award BIOS. its running Win2k. i have the bios update for the system, problem is i cant flash it. i the directions HP gives says to create a system disk floppy, and copy the BIOS update onto that disk. boot the comp with the system disk and flash the BIOS. problem is the only way I KNOW of the create a system disk in WIN2k is to use the back-up utility to create one. well i did all this and when the comp tried to boot, i got the nasty message NTLDR is missing. this is a brand new HDD, with a VERY fresh install of WIN2k. can someone help me out???
  2. guruboy

    guruboy TS Rookie Posts: 26

    Well, one thing you might want to try is booting with a Win98 boot disk. That's what I usually use - it won't be able to detect your HD, as you've probably got it formatted NTFS, but that's ok.

    You'll probably want two disks for this - the 98 boot disk, and a disk with your BIOS update on it. You can boot up with the 98 disk and when you get to the prompt, swap out the disks and do the BIOS upgrade.

    You can get a 98 boot disk from
  3. howard_hopkinso

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    I recently updated my bios here`s how I did it. 1st I created a bootble floppy from windows 2nd i down loaded the flash file and the bios update I saved them to my documents. 3rd I then unzipped the files and added them to the startup floppy 4th I booted my computer form the floppy and when I got the A: prompt I ran the flash file and then the bios update it worked fine first time. Might I suggest you visit the web site for your mother board and print out the instructions for using the flash file and bios upgrade. You will need to know the exact make and serial number of your mother board
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