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Trying to get my new Audigy 2 installed, but having a lot of trouble.

By sledgehammer2
May 29, 2005
  1. Hello, my first time in here and I really hope someone can help me. I have the following system specs...
    MSI K8T Neo mobo; ATI 9800 Pro; I gig of Corsair Ram; AMD 64 3000 CPU; been using AC97 on board sound.
    I have the new card in the slot but I am unable to uninstall any of the old drivers because I don't see them in Add/Remove programs. Also, when I boot up my system isn't recognizing the the new soundcard. I am out of my element trying to figure out what to do. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.
  2. JustinPS

    JustinPS TS Rookie Posts: 28

    To disable the AC-97 sound, you'll need to enter your BIOS.

    To do this, when the comptuer is starting up, hit the Delete key until the BIOS pops up (hit it a few times before the Windows loading screen shows). You'll know it's the BIOS becuase it will be blue and just have options at the top.

    Once you're in the BIOS, find the AC-97 (It's in a different spot depending on what computer/OS/etc. you are using, but you'll know it when you see it...it should have something like AC-97 or AC-96 next to it). When you do find it, it should say ENABLE next to it. Change that to disable (press the left key, I believe..it's either the right or left key). Save the changes and exit, but don't change anything but the AC-97 option.

    This disables the on-board sound, and hopefully the computer will recognize the Audigy card after that.


    PS: If hitting the Delete key doesn't bring up BIOS, try F1 or F2.
  3. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 912


    You may also want to try removing new Card, then boot into windows.
    Go into device mgr in order to remove drivers for it.
    There should be a cd that came with your MoBo, somtimes you have to put
    cd in as though you're installing it to get options:


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