trying to install windows but it hangs

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Mar 12, 2006
  1. Billiam

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    I do agree about having the solution for someone else that would ever have this problem.. The only thing that I did any different was that I removed my jumper off of my bios, from disabled to enabled, that really was the only thing I can think of, and it was by luck that it worked..

    I actually installed windows on a 10 gb hard drive and was going to relish myself to using that drive and then having the 250 gb as a secondary drive sort of mounted exteriorly.

    So I shut everything off and disconnected everything and then connected the SATA drive and then started the install process, I did get excited when it reboot and I did not see the error, I almost cried... well not really.

    Funny though, I had to call microsoft due to my windows xp home edition, had been activated past the "allowed" twice yesterday, once for the 10 gb and then once I got the 250gb up and runnning...

    I am now having issues regarding my video card, I am using a visiontek 9600, 256mb.Windows will not install it due to the fact it says to install a standard VGA card and driver first...

    I guess I am missing some drivers so I guess its off to the driver site...

    Againg Thanks to everyone who assisted me with this issue.
  2. Billiam

    Billiam TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    Well just a follow up with my progress...

    I am still trying to get my video card to work correctly, I am currently downloading drivers as I type...

    Something very odd though? My system has not made the siren sound at all since I re installed everything... coincidence? not sure...

    My son is anxiously awaiting the completion of everything working on that system.. its the one he plays his games on.

  3. Billiam

    Billiam TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    follow up again...

    I got my video card to work, I had not installed the chipset drivers like you said Vigilante, so thanks.

    pretty weird, I downloaded and installed drivers and all of a sudden my computer found new hardware.. video card.. duh!!

    Oh well thanks alot....

  4. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    Great going! You'll be a tech in no time!
  5. Billiam

    Billiam TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    Well..... No thanks to the tech thing, I think I was about to go over the edge on this last issue, I spent many days trying to figure this one out and I really dont think I have the patience for that...

    I honestly considered removing all removable hardware and having some sledge hammer fun in the garage....

    Might have been pretty cool...

    Vigilante, I have a question about why do think my system has not did the siren thing since I reinstalled the os? nothing else change, same fan heatsink, same everything, except reinstalling the os and new hard drive... It has run flawlessly since 8:00 am, thats when the son got on to play his game and from what everyone else says he played relentless till 3:00, then was on again til 6, then after that till 8:30 and no errors no siren, no shut down.


    sure would be nice to figure out what the problem was...


  6. Vigilante

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    Sirens almost always mean "something is outta wack here". But to track it down for good, you'll need to look up your motherboard manual and see if it says. If not, research your motherboard model online. Or research the siren noise just based on your BIOS manu, like Award, AMI etc...

    But being that you have one of those funky type systems, we may be outta luck tracking down much info about it. I'm still tossing the idea of a case intrusion. And even when it was put back together, it didn't reset itself. Don't know. Just guesses.

    I'd also like to know, if you ever find a mobo manual or talk to the people who make the PC.
  7. Billiam

    Billiam TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 19

    Well I do have a motherboard manual, it does not help much, there really is not much information at least in this manual, so I am not sure it really is a manual per se'.

    I am glad that my system works now, I am going to try to install my 1 gig stick of ram now and see if my system becomes unstable....

    Thanks again for all the help..

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