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By DrugCzarOfPortu
Feb 14, 2005
  1. So I have six games on my PC. One is steam (with mods), Half-Life 2, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault, Real War: Rogue States and Joint Ops (and expansion). Granted, this takes up quite a bit of room.

    However, after checking the amount of space begin used, I found that nearly HALF my C drive was for things other than games. Games took up only about a fourth. I have a 37.2 GB hard drive.

    I haven't installed anything else on this PC (save for some programs that came with my Radeon X800 and my wireless card).

    Anyone have any suggestions on how i can open up some more space on my hard drive?

    ADDED: Oh, and another dilemma. According to Add/Remove Programs, the Joint Ops Punkbuster client takes up the exact same amount of space as teh game itself. In addition, the MOHPA path takes up MORE space than the actual game. What's up with that?
  2. Anonymous Danny

    Anonymous Danny TS Rookie Posts: 33

    here's a few things u can try. if u open my computer, right click the c drive, and go to properties there's an option to compress to save disk space. u may also want to run disk defragmenter. another choice, go to add/remove programs, coast through the list and uninstall any programs that u kno u definitely do not want or need. u can also run generic windows programs, like diskcleanup (also in c drive properties menu) to clean it up. as far as that goes u may want to try CCleaner, a free download and i think u can get it off it's pretty good at clearing a bunch of stuff up, make sure u kno what's going to be cleared though. good luck
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