Trying to track down a blue screen of death error

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Dec 23, 2009
  1. I am running a server with windows server 2003.

    Every so often (but not all the time) I get the stop failure message (attached).
    This happens when I am using filezilla on my local machine to transfer files. I never had this problem with the server in the past but a few months ago it's hard drive had to be replaced and this problem started happening after that.

    My tech support has been less than helpful. They suggested to look at the event logs but when I do it says:
    "Cannot display the page
    The page you are trying to view cannot be displayed because the server it resides on does not respond. Please try again later. "

    Then they said to use openDNS and I signed up but I'm not really sure what to do with that. I'm kind of lost with these things.

    I'm just trying to track down what's happening and see if I can come up with a fix. I like to transfer files overnight and it's annoying to wake up to find out the server has been down all night due to a crash. Any help would be most appreciated. I'm not sure what other information I should provide.

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  2. Route44

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    That error is usually caused by faulty drivers or sometimes by mismatched or faulty memory. The thing is we can't help further because we don't have anything else to go by.

    If you can do the following:

    How to find your Minidump Files:

    My Computer > C Drive > Windows Folder > Minidump Folder > Minidump Files.

    It is these files that we need (not the folder). Attach to your next post the five most recent dumps. Notice the Manage Attachments button at the bottom when you go to post the next time. You can Zip up to five files per Zip. Please do us a favor and don’t Zip each one individually.

    * If your tech support can read minidumps you'll probably not need to post here. Just let us know.
  3. nymb242

    nymb242 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks. Never even knew that folder existed. Here they are.
  4. nymb242

    nymb242 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry Route44. I can't send PMs yet so ... bump.
  5. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,979   +71

    All errors are the same 0xD1 and all point to the same Windows driver ipnat.sys which is ip network address translator. From what I have researched it is used by windows firewall if installed on a server that does not have ISA, etc installed. One source said it is ok to stop and disable it but I only relate this info and not to endorse it.
  6. nymb242

    nymb242 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your insight. I'll look into it. For this and various other issues, I'm looking into getting a different server. But if that doesn't pan out, I'll have something to go on.
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