Tuesday tech deals: 128GB Crucial m4 $110, Ivy Bridge is available

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May 1, 2012
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  1. {pf id:22368 size:small} Crucial 128GB M4 2.5" SATA 6Gbps SSD for $110 + free shipping

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  2. I saw this Crucial deal this morning. And Newegg had the same product for + $80 more! Now just a couple hours later, Buy.com jacked up their price nearly +$30, while Newegg dropped their price to $125.... Doesn't that seem suspicious? I'm beginning to believe there is a price-fixing scandal amongst computer electronics dealers. Lower one price & raise the other = game theory
  3. mados123

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    Better to go with the Mushkin Enhanced Chronos MKNSSDCR120GB 120GB SATA III with an included adapter 3.5" adapter bracket at a price that has been consistent at $115 (Newegg). Sandforce controller, up to 550MB/s read, 515MB/s write, up to 90,000 IOPS, 2,000,000 MTBF vs. Crucial's Marvell controller, 500MB/s read, 175MB/s write, up to 45,000/35,000 read/write IOPS and 1,200,000 MTBF.

  4. ET3D

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    I ordered the m4 from Amazon for $125, and it's still not been shipped, so when I saw this I thought "if they take non-US credit cards maybe I'll cancel and order here", then saw that the price was already up.

    I thought about getting the Mushkin, but I've seen so many people recommending the m4 and good reviews for it that I figured it's the better choice. The Mushkin went up recently at Amazon, so it's about the same price of the m4 + bracket.
  5. Sandforce controllers have way more stability problems. So although on a spec sheet, the sandforce looks quicker, in real world applications the difference will not be noticeable. But freezing and lockups due to the Sandforce will be noticeable. All in all, the two best SSD's as far as speed, reliability, and price are concerned has got to be the Crucial M4 or the Samsung 830 series.
  6. mados123

    mados123 TS Rookie Posts: 17

    The Samsung is a nice drive that can now be found for $150 at BuyDig. The issues with the SandForce Controllers, from what I understand, aren't an issue anymore. Now the SanDisk Extreme is getting great reviews too at a little lower cost than Samsung and better MTBF (2.5M vs 1.5M) and write speeds. If the prices for the Samsung is $150, the Samsung is a great buy. If not, the SanDisk is my next choice with a budget under $150. If you are on a tighter budget and want 128GB, the Mushkin can be found at $115.

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