Turkey reinstates YouTube ban days after lifting it


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Less than a week ago, Turkey lifted a 30-month ban on YouTube after videos containing offensive material were removed. The access didn't last long, however, and the site is banned anew, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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**** their politics and everyone elses, turkish users and everyone YT user will find way to watch youtube. Tip: Proxy


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"Turkey's restrictive Internet laws were originally developed to protect children against pornographic and harmful content, but are often used to censor the Internet instead."

Heh, this should be a lesson to all.


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Banning web sites or any banning of such things just makes people find a way around the problem it doesn't defeat the problem i say its stupid to ban something like this it should be the persons responsibility to know what there looking at not the governments. Things are starting to get so ridiculous toward the banning of things and how restrictive everything in the world is becoming so one person does something bad lets punish everyone.


I guess turkey want's to limit the amount of people knowing how corrupt and *****ic their government is.


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I can relate on this as it also happened her in Philippines that a well known Filipina artist was a victim. A pornographic video of her and a well known doctor was posted on Youtube. Nobody claimed who did the posting. Unfortunately, Internet does not forget everything. We should be responsible and cautious in everything that we do.


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It was quite a shock when I was in Turkey during summer and I couldn´t open the youtube videos...I mean come on, these guys wanna join European Union and they´re restricting people from watching what they want?!


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Maybe the Turkish don't want their younger people to know of the atrocities that the old Turks did, when they invaded Armenia around the time of world war I, and started a mass genocide, Killing 1.5 million people? Lol, no that wouldn't be the reason. There's too much offensive things on youtube that could get it banned in alot of places.


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puiu said:
i'm against the banning of any website. BTW good for google for putting the videos back online.
What about fake sites which fool people?

Anyways, censorship is so...today in turkey. Too bad.


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bam13 said:
It was quite a shock when I was in Turkey during summer and I couldn´t open the youtube videos...I mean come on, these guys wanna join European Union and they´re restricting people from watching what they want?!

And this is one of the main reasons why they won't become part of the EU. At the roots of it, they are more a middle eastern country than they are European. I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years we see them push further right.

Micro Watt

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They may claim to protect children and what not by banning these services but they are probably doing so more due to a political reason


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I find banning a site interesting. It reflects the social climate in the area at the time. But I don't know much about Turkey's laws. They claim to protect children against porn but who knows. As for banning a site for a video messing with your privacy, I think they should go after the uploader. Otherwise they would have to ban other video sites.

I guess i can't support any ban on any site though. The children would usually need to know something about sex to find this stuff anyway.


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Ha ha...they think banning youtube is going to stop this stuff from getting out? Let's think of how many blogs there are out there...how many news site there are that show videos from all over the world...how many other video sites there are...sorry Turkey, but if you want to keep your stuff quiet, you're just going to have to get rid of the internet intirely. Let's see how well your citizens respond to that!


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This is stupid! You can find something incriminating for almost everyone and it doesn't mean that we should ban youtube for it. It's non-sense.
Or maybe we should, from theirs point of view?! :)


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How many times are they going to flip-flop? Something tells me they just want some web attention.