Turn your boring LinkedIn profile into a vivid portfolio

Shawn Knight

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LinkedIn is bolstering member profiles today by launching a new feature that lets users showcase their professional story through rich, visual content. In other words, you can now add photos, videos and even presentations to your profile to help showcase...

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Oh great... The first step on the road to the cluttered chaos that was the old Myspace profiles! Augh!

I rather liked that LinkedIn was spartan and utilitarian. Figured it was best to keep it simple, let the sparkly frilly unnecessary stuff live on the users' websites... Hope it doesn't get out of hand.


This will introduce competition between profiles going completely the wrong way.

People looking for job must just state facts from their career, and not be worried about the layout. LinkedIn should keep it unified.

And adding videos may turn it into a Youtube-like zoo.
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"In keeping with the spirit of LinkedIn being a social network at its core, members are also encouraged to ?like? or comment on content that others have posted."

Really? Uggg!

Where is my web 3.0, 2.0 is doing my head in...


It may be time to drop out of linked in. I haven't logged into my profile in a long time anyhow.