LinkedIn is bolstering member profiles today by launching a new feature that lets users showcase their professional story through rich, visual content. In other words, you can now add photos, videos and even presentations to your profile to help showcase the quality of work you are capable of which could in turn help you land a new job.

It's a feature that has been noticeably absent - yet often asked for - among creative professionals like graphic designers and photographers. For others, whose job isn't as creative-oriented, it'll be a way to simply add some depth to an otherwise visually-flat resume.

To try it out for yourself, head over to your LinkedIn profile and select "edit" on your profile. From there, you can follow prompts in your "Summary," "Experience" and "Education" sections to add content. In keeping with the spirit of LinkedIn being a social network at its core, members are also encouraged to "like" or comment on content that others have posted.

Visual enhancements are just the latest in a string of new features launching on LinkedIn. For example, the firm revamped their Android and iPhone apps last month in addition to adding a new feature that lets users link to other members in status updates similar to methods already in use on Facebook and Twitter.

The company said in a blog post that the new feature will begin to roll out to members in English speaking countries today.