Turtle Beach game port wil not work

By burtakus
Oct 7, 2005
  1. I just bought a Turtle Beach Riveria sound card and installed it. The sound seems to work just fine but I keep getting an a input/output range error (error 12) for the game port on the sound card.

    I am running Windows 2000 with an nforce mobo adn AMD CPU.

    I added the sound card to try and correct an issues with my microphone creating alot of background noise when being used for talking over the net or in games. I tried several different mics and also changed connections from in front of the speakers to the mobo onboard sound directly and the problem persisted.

    The Turtle beach help site says that the nfoce mobos have a built in game port and that I need to disable the sound cards game port and use the one on the mobo. That would be fine except there is not a game port on the mobo and I was hoping to use the game port on the sound card for my Mad Catx Panther XL joystick.

    I have also disabbled the mobo sound from the bios so there should not be any conflicts there.

    Can anyone helpwith resolving the input/output range conflict.
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