Tutorial: Install Recovery Console to boot menu

how do i enter these commands (eg cmd.exe) on the bootup mennu(F8) when i dont have the winxp disk? How do i reach this ?
bootcfg.exe ????

Hi i have a problem.
My system Xp home sp 2 doesnt regonize i have a bootcfg.exe i tried to search for it and it doesnt exists.
Problem is that i have a Windows XP pro Installation program in menu, and i need to delete that. ANd i dont understand where my bootcfg.exe is :p


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@tomrca - no, you should not lose any data - the Recovery Console can be installed at any time ... though, as you may have read earlier on in this thread, if you have already upgraded to SP2 and your original OS CD was pre-SP2, then you need to slipstream the SP2 file into the files from your original OS CD ... as said, there is a post earlier in the thread that explains how to do that.

@bonez - a possibility is that the OS files were included by your manufacturer somewhere on your harddrive - do a file search for winnt32 and see whether the file shows up a second time outside your regular windows folder ... in order to get to the command prompt in WindowsXP, just click on Start, then on Run and type in 'cmd' (without the ' ') and click OK.


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This sounds pretty handy, however i'm having a problem. I put in my OS cd (winxp pro) went into command prompt from start menu, typed in the command, and got the message,

The system cannot find the path specified.

Then i went to the security screen on the 1st page of this topic enabled that, and tried it again, and still same thing. Am i missing something? I have a dell latitude d600 laptop, Winxp pro, sp2.


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wow- thanks

Boy, I wish I'd had that this morning. I am sure it will come in handy at some point in the future.


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OOPS spoke to soon

I have SP2. and quote: "So, you need to copy the XP CD to hard disk, then run ,,,,,,"
Its that part about copy the XP CD to the HD that seems like over kill to me.
Hopefully, a quicker route will show up some time.
It really does sound like a great idea.
How to install recovery console with SATA support..

All the above posts are ok for hdd without SATA , but as I have SATA hdd, after installing recovery console with above said parameters, I cannot boot into it, I get BSOD.

I use Windows XP Pro SP2

Please help.
Sourav Ghosh