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May 2, 2008
  1. hello,
    i have windows 2k and xp, and would like to install both of them on one of my older computers, and get a "dual boot" menu when i boot up my pc.

    any help on how to do this. I would rather not install one on virtual pc by the way.

    any help is appriciated!
  2. king21092

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    If I'm correct, been a while since I've formatted a HDD to dual boot.

    Ok, simple if this correct, just partition your HDD into at "least" 2 partitions. Once thats done simply go ahead and install each OS on 2 different partitions, can be more partitions for music, pictures, video, etc. After they are both installed restart the computer and set the boot sequence to boot from the HDD then restart and it should work. Remember to give each partition your putting the Operating Systems on around 20GB at least, if not more.

    I haven't dual booted in a while, year-ish, so its possible I'm wrong, but from what I can remember, thats correct.

    Also to note: when you go to partition the drive, you will lose your information, unless your using a special program that does it for you.

    I just read your specs, it says 40GB HDD, if thats the HDD your talking about to dual boot on, you may have problems, because of its size.
  3. Didou

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    You should also install the older operating system first (Windows 2000) then the more recent. When Windows XP is installed it will add its entry to the dual boot menu.
  4. Robin997

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    thanks for the help!
    i will install 2000, then xp.
    is there any different options i wil need to select during the xp installation (which i will install second), so i can make sure i don't overwrite windows 2000, and therefore afterwards get a dual boot option.
  5. king21092

    king21092 TS Rookie Posts: 130

    Not that I can think of, you should be fine.
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