UBCD4Win = Ultimate Boot CD for Windows

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Requires a valid Windows XP or 2003 license

Where To Download=> http://www.ubcd4win.com/downloads.htm

How To Burn=> http://www.ubcd4win.com/burn.htm

UBCD4Win Forums=> http://www.ubcd4win.com/forum/

But here's a quick reference ;)

Download and Build and then Burn the UBCD4Win to CD
Boot from the UBCD4Win newly created bootable disc

Plug in a USB Flash Drive, or empty CD / DVD (if requiring to backup your data)
There are a number of Programs from the UBCD4Win Start menu, see pics h e r e
Or use UBCD4Win's "My Computer" and back up data to your external USB drive

UBCD4Win Desktop

click to maximize

Latest UBCD4Win Download locations mirrors (one is bound to work ;) )



Re-Installing Windows Clean

I have placed this info here as well, as many users have problems with re-installing Windows after they have backed up their User Data

Partitioning Issues

Note: When installing Windows clean it is always best to start on a non-partitioned Hard Drive.
This is because Windows will already automatically create a new correctly configured NTFS Partition.
Do Not Format, by formatting as opposed to re-partitioning you are in effect using the original partition

Original Windows Setup discs already have this option, during the setup of Windows, to remove the Partition (linked below)
But in some cases even the Windows Setup has trouble removing the existing partition and a 3rd party disc must be used.
Member LookinAround has provided excellent info here on Gparted Partitioning Tool, to help remove existing partitions

To be absolutely clear on how to re-install Windows clean, here are some excellent guides already provided on the web:

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step (* Including Delete Partition)

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step (* Including Delete Partition)

* Warning deleting the Partition will remove all User data and Windows system files

Windows Vista, guides here: http://www.windowsreinstall.com/winvista/index.htm

Windows 7, info here: http://windows7.windowsreinstall.com/

Restore Discs

Many computers now come with Windows Restore Discs. These are not the original Windows Setup Discs
These "Restore" discs always remove the old partition and install Windows on a brand newly created partition
Therefore, removing the original partition is not required. But obviously all users still need to backup data first


I hope this information helps others, I actually created it so as I could quote or link to it, in relevant threads




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thanks for the info. shouldn't such posts be made sticky before they get lost somewhere ...?


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I'll that add that
  • UBCD4Win can be an incredibly useful boot / rescue disk to have available when you need it and
  • IMHO: UBCD4Win is well worth the time it takes to build it and learn how to use the rescue tools you'll find it includes in the build
BUT note the following caveats:
  1. You need to build this disk before you need it! (i.e. before your system crashes)
  2. The UBCD4Win build process steps are fairly straight-forward but may require considerable processing time to complete (depending on your system might run for 30-45+ minutes)
  3. AND NOTE: I've found the process runs smoothly and without any problem if you start with a Microsoft install CD. But if you only have an OEM install CD (e.g. one from HP or Dell) the build will often fail
    • Another way to easily identify an OEM install disk is to look at the folders on your install CD. Open your installation CD with Explorer. If you see an OEM folder listed, it's an OEM install disk (and you may have problems building UBCD4Win). Otherwise, it should be a breeze!
  4. I have not yet tried building UBCD4Win using an already installed system (vs. using an installation CD) but will report on it when i finally try that method as well

Lanarkshire IT

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hi all

yes UBCD4WIN is an excellent and must have tool for system repair, recovery etc.

if anyone needs help creating a UBCD4WIN CD or bootable USB drive then give me a shout.

i wouldnt go to a repair job with my bootable UBCD4WIN USB flash drive - priceless tool!

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