Ubisoft's DRM servers crash, games unplayable

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i can understand the need to protect copyright softwares... but this just utter failure. i remember the good old days when all you just needed to do was just install the game...


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I wonder how this will affect US sales, since this happened before it even went on sale here? Even if i was not opposed to the ridiculous always-connected-even-for-single-player scheme, this would definitely turn me off to ever purchasing it.

So, what happens in 2-5 years when Ubisoft decides it is no longer cost effective to keep the servers up? I don't see them releasing a patch to allow offline play. Everyone who "bought" the game will discover they really just rented it.


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It's a cat and mouse play, but those who buy games will be hurt more than those who don't. Besides, I think that PC games are pretty much expensive, but now I have to online all the time!? And what happens, their servers went offline and I can't play even though I paid for it.


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Thanx Ubi-Soft-In-The-Head. But then you're smarter than most, asking people to buy a crappy game for $60.00, forcing them to stay online to play and save, and then not having the server capacity available to stand behind your product.

Quality and customer satisfaction have gone by the wayside in your organization. Good luck with that!

Your marketing depart should be forced to play Pong for 48 hours to atone for agreeing with and promoting this unfortunate step back.

While I've never pirated a game in my life, I might just start doing that, to preview the games to weed out the crap you're trying to serve us.


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Honestly, I couldn't help but chuckle upon reading this story.

Not only does Ubisoft attempt to gouge PC customers by charging $60 when there is no merit to do so (console games only get this leeway because they have to pay a licensing fee or something), but they go out of their way to annoy paying customers with DRM. Then it blows up in their face a week later. Sorry, but they were asking for it.

As others have pointed out, this isn't new anymore so there's no reason to charge $60 for it.


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This continuous and ongoing DRM verification server process worries me quite a bit. Eventually Ubisoft will discontinue the use of their servers for this game (unless you buy say Silent Hunter 6 or 7 or whatever will be the newest version at that time) and where will the paying customer be? I also fear what Ubisoft could put into their terms of use as it is just a matter of time before they start poking around insides consumers PC's to see what else is in there (because the PC's have to be connected to the DRM servers).


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"...saying the downtime was caused by an attack to its servers." ROFL.

DRM makes it only worse for people who buy the game legally, pirates will always find a way to crack it. Steam is the best way to prevent piracy, period.


Steam is good? What if I want to replay my games in ten years when there isn't Steam servers anymore? I want hard copies for my games. I want to play my single player games without having to depend on getting online to prove I bought them.

I'm against piracy, but I'm even more against they deciding if I have the right to play a game I bought! Or else they should start calling their games "rent-only".

That's why I don't give my money to Ubisoft anymore. I'm not interested in paying full-price to rent a ****ing game that in a couple years, when I'm craving a play (just like I crave playing NES games sometimes but I CAN play because I have the cartridge), I can't play anymore because the company ordered the rent be returned (aka closing the servers).

I want to shout my opinion to the whole world, I want to find people who agree with me. People who hate piracy but that want to have property of functional hard copies of our games, so we can play independent of time passed since game release, or server availability.
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