Unable to load Facebook/ Yahoo/ Wikipedia, etc.

By Sotsotzaii
Oct 6, 2014
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  1. Hi, been 2 weeks now, out of the blue, I'm unable to load some of the websites that I listed above, before this, I was able to load it just fine, load as in fully load it and in a smooth way, everything just comes out in a matter of seconds. But now, it seems like it doesn't load fully, or when it loads, all I get is it won't respond, or just partially loads it, without any pictures, just words, like how you get on facebook with your mobile phone, that's the kind of format.

    Now for the strange issue, I have 2 computer at home, I'm using a laptop, the computer outside is a desktop. Both is connected to the internet through cables, both are using the same router, just different cable. The outside computer is able to load whatever websites just fine and loads it smooth and fast just like it is, but for this laptop, it just unable to load those websites smoothly. EXCEPT for hotmail, and youtube, and some other websites. I could play online games just fine, no lags at all, no high pings. I can load Youtube just fine, load hotmail just fine, so I wonder what's the problem?

    * I'm using chrome all the time, tried using IE, still the same problem. But for the computer outside, it's still the same as it is, smooth and able to load the websites that this laptop can't.


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