unable to load windows at all.. just a blue screen every time

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Jun 9, 2005
  1. im not very good at discribing things. my computer was acting all screwy louie so i decided to format. i HAD a dual-boot 98 SE / 2000 Professional. so when i formatted my c drive, i has a windows XP disc and i decided to install... when it asked me what kind of drive to use, i just kept if FAT32 and i didnt convert it to NTFS. When it was installing, i had tons of files that it said it couldn't find on the disc. i tried retrying to install them, but it wouldn't work, so i just skipped them.. now, when i load my computer, i get the Windows XP startup screen, followed by a blue XP screen that says "Setup is being restarted", then i come across a plain blue screen that says in white text, "STOP: c0000135 {Unable to locate component} This application has failed to start because USP10.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the program. :confused: Now im stuck. that is all that happens every time i try restarting it. Please someone help me out! :(
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    Try reinstalling XP. Skipping those files during install is most likely the problem here. Make sure the CD is has no dirt or anything on it, which could be causing certain files not to be found. If the CD has a lot of bad bad scratches, then I would recommend finding another XP CD. If you can't get another XP CD, then reinstall the OS you had before.

    Most important thing first, clean the CD, and try a reinstall.
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    thanks for the help, but i just found out you cant install XP from a DOS prompt... you have to have some OS on your pc before you install XP. im gettin a windows 98 disc now so all will be fine :) thanks for your help anyways! :grinthumb
  4. Molson316

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    That is totally false. You can install XP on a pc without any os on there. You should be able to boot from the XP cd, format a partition to install XP, and then do the actual install.
  5. Spike

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    I've not heared of doing it that way myself. Could you be more precise and elaborate?

    Personally, I've always understood that the only ways to install XP (including formatting options) are to either do it from inside another version of windows, booting from the XP CD, or by using the XP Setup boot floppies available from microsoft.com for download.

    I used to format the HDD and copy the 98disk to C: in DOS all the time and run it from there, but as I understand it, that can't be done for XP. (I've installed XP a few times, and there must be a reason I'm not doing it that way. If I recall I tried and it didn't work.) If there's an easier way of doing it I'd love to know what it is. HDD access times are far quicker than CD access times, especially on my machine!

    Edit: Sorry, I misread. I thought you were talking about running the XP installation from DOS.
  6. patio

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    Enter the BIOS and change the boot order to CDRom 1st floppy 2nd HDD 3rd.
    Put the XP CD in and re-boot. Setup will now run.

    patio. :cool:
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    Thanks Molson

    Just want to say big thanks to Molson138 - his advice about cleaning the disk was spot on. I had the exact same problem and cleangin the disk was exactly what was required. Thanks!!! :giddy:
  8. Rune06

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    Also just wanted to Add to Molson's reply.
    You can boot from a windows XP cd, even if it says it's an upgrade package. You just need a different Key. Microsoft gave me one when I called... that easy.
  9. paul2go

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    XP won't boot can't boot

    After removing 'Netropa' multimedia keyboard(my office) software from my PC and connecting new keyboard my rig will not boot up to log-in screen and the new keyboard and mouse are unresponsive, I simply cannot boot into safe mode nor boot up from XP cd. What else is there to do in this sceanario?

    I've now sorted the above, with some help of course, it appears that when uninstalling the 'Netropa software' it 'took out' some windows sytem files as well which explains the blank screen after windows logo, and the further advice I received was to re-install windows and boot up my PC from the XP CD (having to re-install SP2 separately later)

    So after inserting original XP CD switching on PC and holding down any Key I have now managed to enter Set-up and reached 'recovery console' and got as far as the Dos Prompt <C:\WINDOWS>.

    Would someone tell me what I should type now befor pressing 'ENTER''
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