Unable to start my pc

By ttwotees
Nov 11, 2008
  1. Windows XP Pro- sp 3

    Problem Recap

    1.Booted PC (Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 3). BSOD w/ message error caused by nv4-disp. (ASUS A7V motherboard)

    2.Re-started, same error message displayed.

    3.Checked CMOS to see if I could determine cause and changed from “Halt on all Errors”, to “Halt on NO errors”.

    4.Re-started and PC went into an infinite loop disallowing access to CMOS, or change to Safe Mode.

    5.Checked cause of error message re: nv4_disp on Internet, and found that reason for original error message was most likely a corrupted driver for my nvidia-Geforce 6200 video card and that I needed to download latest video drivers, delete current video drivers and install the latest drivers.

    6.I’ve downloaded the latest video drivers on a laptop, but I can’t access CMOS or Safe Mode now to make video driver replacement. (Likely due to the change I made in CMOS to “halt on NO errors”.

    7.I need to know how to proceed to correct the CMOS to allow boot-up so I can correct the video driver problem.

    I’ve tried shorting the CLRTC & removing the RTC battery, but that hasn’t changed anything; I still get a blank screen when starting and then a message stating “Auto Detect – Entering Power Save. Monitor turns off and nothing else happens.
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