undesired default changes by IE7

By gbhall
Nov 14, 2006
  1. Many people are going to get Internet Explorer 7 pushed on them by MS without the option - what fun, but personally I did it by choice, since I only EVER use it when a site does not work without it (for example MS updates).

    Having done the install, I was less than impressed to discover that it took me 10 minutes to find where they had hidden the typical 'file' menu. Next I found saving a website page is defaulting to .mht format instead of .htm. The default also changed in my actual browser (Avant browser) presumably because either it uses IE components, or refers to the same registry entry.

    Even worse, the choice taken is not 'sticky' even within the same session. Really annoying.....

    Actually, I can see the logic for many people in having only one file instead of the htm text and a subdirectory of the same name_files. However, I actually do need the htm format as default, since I long ago wrote a program where everything I want saved uses only one sub-directory (images), by changing all the internal references from 'blah_blah_files' to 'images'.

    So can anyone tell me how to change the default entry for saved pages?
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