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uninstall msger in win xp

By fredericklee ยท 13 replies
Mar 26, 2002
  1. Hi,

    I think I saw this topic some time ago here, but just counldn't find it anymore.

    Can anyone tell me how to uninstall msger from win xp.

    And also what are the antivirus that xp support other than Norton Antivirus 2002, cos I encounter a very long loading time on my xp desktop.

  2. SuperCheetah

    SuperCheetah TS Rookie Posts: 709

  3. boeingfixer

    boeingfixer TS Rookie Posts: 1,006

    I would only partly agree with Super. I never cared for MCafee, it failed to find several viruses on my computer when Norton found them in seconds. I only use Norton's 2002 now.

    On the MSN Messenger. You can go to TweakXP like Super said, it's another good tip site, but remember this when uninstalling messenger. If you want to remote access (Remote Assistant) with someone, you need to have messenger installed for it to work properly. You can shut it off but I would keep it handy in case you need it. Just a thought.
  4. boeingfixer

    boeingfixer TS Rookie Posts: 1,006

    fredericklee, how long have you had a computer ? Or XP ? I'm not trying to talk down on you, but do you know how to use the system start up tool. You can find it by going to Start>Run then typing MSCONFIG.EXE. Select the "Start up" tab. That shows you all that is loading when XP boots up. You can "Uncheck" programs one at a time until you find the one that MAY be causing long load times.

    Also, If you would be so kind, please give us your system spec's. It helps a great deal in troubleshooting.

    Thansk and have a great day!! :)
  5. fredericklee

    fredericklee TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 34

    Hi boeingfixer

    I have already unchecked all the programs at Startup, leaving only antivirus program to load. And that's why I know that its this program that cause the long loading time.

    When my desktop shows up, the antivirus icon at the taskbar has a red cross on it, at this point of time, I could not connect to the internet. After waiting for my desktop to finish loading ( which takes a long time), the red cross on the antivirus icon will go off and after this point of time, I can then connect to the internet.

    I don't know wheather if it's my Ethernet card (which another person told me) that cause this problem to the antivirus application to load longer than usual. Funny thing is this, my friend is having the same ethernet card and is also running on Norton Antivirus 2002, and his system is running fine with the normal loading time.

    Can anyone suggest me on what to do or what went wrong.
  6. ryejay98

    ryejay98 TS Rookie Posts: 41

    Actually I have had the same experience, both with Win2k and WinXP ... it only tends to happen every other install (don't ask) so I'm assuming it's something to do with the settings with NAV. <shrug> It only takes about 20 seconds tho, so its never a huge hassle.
  7. SuperCheetah

    SuperCheetah TS Rookie Posts: 709


    Have you tried reinstalled Norton on your computer??? I also have the X on startup, but it goes away soon afterwards. I could be the internet connection you have. Norton might be trying to access their site for new updates and this is what is slowing the load time down. I have a cable modem so my connection is good and fast.

    Also, as boeingfixer suggests posting my system specs would be very helpful!!!


    I never said I liked McAfee, just that it was an alternative ;) Personally, I'm like you I much rather refer Norton.
  8. fredericklee

    fredericklee TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 34

    Hi SuperCheetah,

    I have tried reinstalling Norton but the problem still persist. I am also using a cable modem.

    Any other suggestions that can help?

  9. SuperCheetah

    SuperCheetah TS Rookie Posts: 709

    The only other suggestion that I can think of right off hand is that Norton is conflicting with another program on the startup. Try disabling all programs but Norton and see what happens. I will do some further research in the morning to try and give you a better answer to your problem.
  10. lawtai

    lawtai TS Rookie

    if you're still looking for an anti-virus program, I suggest using AVG anti-virus. It's free and it's does a great job. They have updates frequently, and it's all free. You should give that a try if you're gonna get a new anti-virus program.
  11. Nan11

    Nan11 TS Rookie

    Another way to get rid of messenger is with XP Antispy a free program available at it will also allow you to turn off some other features that may be undesireable - works well for me.
  12. lokem

    lokem TS Rookie Posts: 672

    Actually, you can just disable the item named "msmsgs" in the Startup section of MSCONFIG to disable Messenger from loading at startup.

    Hope that's what you wanted.
  13. lokem

    lokem TS Rookie Posts: 672

    Hope this answers your question:

    How can I remove Windows Messenger?

    Open C:\WINDOWS\inf\sysoc.inf and change msmsgs=msgrocm.dll,OcEntry,msmsgs.inf,hide,7 to msmsgs=msgrocm.dll,OcEntry,msmsgs.inf,7

    Then use Add/Remove Windows Components to remove messenger.
  14. Mac_Bug

    Mac_Bug TS Rookie Posts: 57

    Just wait for SP1
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