Unknown hackers are targeting the Covid-19 cold chain


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100% agree on this. And not just lockdown schemes - masks are complete bollocks too. I don't know anyone that's died or even had COVID outside of myself, but my own mom got a bacterial infection in her lungs from a mask.
I've said this many times here -- with dozens of peer-reviewed medical studies to back it up, that cloth masks worn by the general public are worse than useless; they're harmful.

A 3-layer or better cotton mask, worn properly indoors in confined conditions, by individuals properly trained in the wearing, handling, and disposal of the mask, is helpful. But cloth masks, and the manner in which the general public uses them, contribute to the spread of the disease through a variety of factors. Every time I'm out in public and see people laying their mask on a restaurant table or countertop, or touching their mask, then their face (or worse, for me, door handles or other objects I may touch), I can't avoid wincing.

And of course, all this ignores that even the very best of masks, under the best of conditions and worn by highly trained individuals, do much less than simple good hand hygiene and cough hygiene. Yet how much focus does the media place on those measures?


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These same masks are used in clean rooms and hospitals the world over.
No, a piece of cloth is not the same thing as an N-95 respirator or hospital-grade surgical mask. Additionally, doctors and nurses in surgery are standing above a patient, potentially coughing directly into an open body cavity. They also use these masks properly: they cover their entire mouth and nose and adjust it to prevent side venting, they do not touch the mask then handle other objects or vice versa; and they use the mask once only then dispose of it properly, and wash their hands immediately after touching it.

This is not how the general public uses masks, particularly cloth ones. There's a reason the WHO told the general public to not wear masks, and only changed that guidance in July, under intense political pressure.


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Probably some accelerationist bullshit.

Though I'm rarely an advocate for harsh measures, we should probably track these people down and give em the guillotine.

Beyond that? Could *****s spouting conspiracy theories knock it off already? The area I live in is HIGHLY at risk because of *****s insulated from real life with ThE vIrUs IsN't real, "THE MASK IS A MUZZLE!", and "It's just a ploy by China!!!" **** when in reality they're just too stupid and spoiled to do the slightest possible things to preserve human life.
Where I live hardly anyone wears masks. People prefer the trade-off of minute lethality risk in exchange for freedom. I've travelled the globe twice this year, and once on the ground in the third world, masks are an afterthought and not consistently worn. And docs I've talked to have confirmed the mask is far from 100% effective anyway. I mean most masks are the equivalent of early WWI masks....and those were hardly effective. If you wanted to be serious about it you'd be wearing a pro mask with filters along with your MOPP4 gear whenever you went out.


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The fact that emails are using names from a Chinese company, but not from those American, which are much more famous, points to the perpetrator. China certainly wouldn't compromise the reputation of their own company, so it's almost certain that their competition is who actually sponsored these hacks.