Unknown programs present in registry ( Worry... )

By Aolath
May 26, 2004
  1. Worry...

    I don't know if you guys know, from my previous posts, I am a huge worrier, and now I have something else on my mind. I recently checked the list of software on RegCleaner, and found quite a few irregular entries which have never been seen by me before. I usually checked on my old hard drive, and all was fine, I only saw all normal entries which I knew were part of the installed software but now I have seen these unusual ones.

    Here are the entries:

    Abbyy : New User Defaults
    ACE Compression Software : ActiveAce
    Aureal : A3d
    Bitsoft : FineSprint
    BitSoft : Setupsprint
    Gemplus : Cryptography
    Infinity Software : Out_MP3 (Think I know what this is from, no worries)
    LeaderTech : Atari
    LeaderTech : PowerRegister
    Schlumberger : Smart Cards And Terminals (This sounds worrying, check on google...)
    Silicon Graphics : OpenGL
    Wise Solutions : Wise Installation System (Normal Windows program, my mistake!)

    As i mentioned earlier, everything used to be fine on the list, with no irregular entries, however, then (on my old hard drive) and now (on my new hard drive) I have exactly the same programs installed, except a few different ones, which is strange seeing as I never saw these entries before.

    The programs I have installed differently from the last hard drive, and could be possible programs which are related to the irregular entries are :

    Futuremark's 3D Mark 03
    Runescapes installation program. You need a Java program which downloads and then takes hours to install, god knows what it is installing, possibly a load of software, could be related to entries
    SpyWare Blaster
    Bink and Smacker, from RadGame Tools
    DosBox, a DOs emulator, to play the old dos games on XP
    And thats about it.

    Any installation box that pops up on a website saying do you want to install bla bla bla I always click no unless it's something from I dunno, Windows update etc, or something I really trust.
    Is it possible that any of this software could be installed just by browsing sites, or is the only way that things like this can be installed/on the list on RegCleaner is by pressing yes?

    Another thing, I have used SpyWare Blaster, Norton AntiVirus 2004 and PCPitstops Tests to check for anything abnormal and nothing has popped up saying they've found something...

    Help would be appreciated, or if you are extremely kind you could download RegCleaner http://www.freeware-download.com/cgi-bin/detail.cgi?ID=697 and also install the programs I mentioned earlier which could possibly be related to the entries, and see if they appear on your list. Only a test ofcourse, you can uninstall them straight away after testing.

    Thanks guys...

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  2. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 616

    I always recommend using multiple spyware programs. Try Adaware and Spybot S&D.. those can help you see if any of these are truly suspicious. As well as give trend microsystem's hosecall service a try- differrent programs detect different symptoms. Be sure to disable NAV before running housecall...

    SGI's Open GL is fine, btw.. standard graphics libraries. :)
  3. DigitAlex

    DigitAlex TechSpot Paladin Posts: 536

    Abbyy : New User Defaults

    ABBYY : OCR program for scanners

    ACE Compression Software : ActiveAce

    Compressor with a different algorithm (like winzip)

    Aureal : A3d

    3D Audio software

    Gemplus : Cryptography

    From the company making bank card / phone SIM card chips, based in southern France where i studied

    Silicon Graphics : OpenGL

    3D graphics library, like Direct3D from MS.
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