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Unknown Virus

By Hedon
Dec 25, 2008
  1. I have a problem, at first i noticed that the option to view hidden files cannot be enabled, I used Kaspersky but according to which no Virus was detected. Recently my PC went haywire it started acting on its own and once i press alt+control+delete it displayed the calculator.

    after viewing several forums i thought the best options is to format my C drive and reinstall windows, however the problem never siezed. My mouse(USB wireless) is still acting wierd and nothing can be done, antivirus and antispyware still shows nothing. can anyone help?

    This PC i am talking about is not connected to the internet. will include hijack log in a while

    Attached are the logs and necessary files. Today i noticed that the problem occurred when i connected my wireless USB mouse and keyboard. please let me know a solution urgently.

    Attached Files:

  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    Something very strange happening with your system
    MBAM (of which requires updating) only ran for 7mins (you must have nearly nothing installed)
    And HJT log states it was scanned in June 2004 :confused:

    I'd say check your date and time is correct firstly
    Then update and run another full MBAM scan

    By the way, it actually sounds as though your drivers are not up to date
    Have a look h e r e at updating all your drivers (your system presently unknown and not stated)
    Also, it would be a good idea to update to SP3, but you should really remove all the live protecting programs before doing that, ie:
    AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 (which really should have been un-installed originally)
    Malwarebytes (obviously after doing a full updated scan first)
  3. Hedon

    Hedon TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    Thanks for the reply, yes i reinstalled windows and reset my BIOS as well i havent updated it yet. I do not have internet connection to this PC, I will take necessary steps you mentioned. However now the only problem lies with by DVD RW (which detects a selected number of CD's and DVD's) and my USB wireless mouse and keyboard (which the PC goes haywire when connected). I will post my response after updating. Thanks again for the reply.
  4. Hedon

    Hedon TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    I forgot to mention, I sold this PC and bought a new one. so now the thread status is solved. However i have a laptop which has the same issues as my old PC. I will post the necessary files (in a new thread) when i have the time.

    Thank you Kimsland for your help.
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