unlocking a notebook HDD

By Grantomas
Oct 25, 2007
  1. At one point i needed help unlocking a dell 9300 due to a password on the bios. Through this forum and the people on it I was able to get past that. However, I then ran into an issue with the HDD having a pass on it. After looking through the posts on the Dell bios password removal thread, a person named Asuga that advised using the program from here: http://www.hddunlock.com/download/ I did and it worked. it was $9.99 to do it, but that is alot cheaper than paying all the other people that you find when you try to search for a HDD passord removal. I used it and it worked. It removes the password, but also deletes and formats the HDD in the process.

    Just my opinion, but no one was ever able to advise on how to do it any other way other than buying a new HDD.
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    I know about that.. not posting for myself, just posting as a very good place to go if your HDD is locked and no one can help out. And I understand I can get banned for it, however, if something works and you have to pay a very small fee for it (80 gig HDD was $9.95) instead of paying $50 to $150 to have it done. Thats all I was saying. And I am an avid believer of helping out for free if I can do it. But when there is no free service for this type of problem (and I DID check out the site. I used part of the site and downloads to help me unlock my bios) then the only option is to pay, either for a new HDD or for a service to get it unlocked. This is the best and cheapest one I was told about. I am just telling those that would like to know that there is a cheaper way to do it, thats all.
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    well thank you
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