updating gpu and motherbord drivers

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Mar 26, 2007
  1. ok so i got this game stalker and it seems to run realy bad on my system
    system specs
    p4. 3.6 gz
    msi gforce7800gtx
    1gig ddr3 ram
    nvidea nforce 4 sli intel edition chipset.

    i want to update my gpu and motherbord bios .but am unsure of how to go about doing this.for updating gpu am i supost to uninstall the display drivers first or can i just over right them?allso am i supost to uninstall the nvidea drivers completly when wanting to update a driver??If i click nvidea driver under add remove programs list.it comes up with this menu askin what components i want to remove from my system..
    nvidia display driver
    nvidea ethernet driver components
    nvidea ide driver
    nvidia nforce pci system managment driver.i dont no what this stuff is so im unsure what to do and as for updating the motherbord bios i dont even no were to start. please help me.thanks
  2. smaurer69

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    Try this link it will tell you everything you need to know. I didn't know anything about doing this either but a little bit of web research using google helped me out. Updated my motherboard and videocard bios successfully just 2 days ago
  3. honvetops

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    smaurer69's < "beautiful"

    thats the way to do it* I wanted to answer but wasn't sure myself.... Its so much easier to do a google search with "exact" words on what your looking for and 75% of the time you can find an answer of some sort. nice find*
  4. domjam

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    thanks for the link.but im stuck on what to do.im trying to follow the instructions.got as far as makin a dos star up bootdisk or somthing it ses copy the bios file u downloaded and the NVFlash.exe.i tryd nvidia.com but dont no were to get the bios files from.were do i find it. my GPU is a MSI 7800gtx and my mainbord is an Nforce4sli.please help
  5. domjam

    domjam TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry to post again but i think this stuff is all to complicated for me.all i want to do is update my motherbord BIOS its an Nforce 4 sli Pro.iv tryd both nvidia and gigabite websites but im unsure wtich site to get the drivers off.please can someone just tell me what to do. rather then just post a link.its all to confusing.thanks
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