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Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 10: The Last 5


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Nov 18, 2017.
  1. Nicklas ‘Zer0’ from the United States

  2. Ryan ‘Nucleardoom’ from Canada

  3. Charles ‘Franken-Lien-Ator’ from Canada

  4. JC ‘Deku’ from the United States

  5. Andrew ‘ROG Beast’ from New Zealand

By Julio Franco · 708 replies
Nov 14, 2017
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  1. TerrorofPlague

    TerrorofPlague TS Rookie

    Looking forward to season 2
  2. CyberSnypa

    CyberSnypa TS Rookie

    The computers are all crap except the last one that shouldn't be there.
    Issac likes this.
  3. sevos

    sevos TS Rookie Posts: 16

    Good luck JC, you got my vote :)
  4. HGLDemp

    HGLDemp TS Rookie

    Good Luck to the Doom, hope he gets rid of that heater lol
  5. CapnKitten

    CapnKitten TS Rookie

    It was an awesome first season, and hope it continues to help people in need of PC upgrades. Good luck to all those in the final episode!
  6. sevos

    sevos TS Rookie Posts: 16

    Congratulation to all season 1 winners and looking forward to season 2.
  7. This was a tough one for me but I am going to give it to Nicklas ‘Zer0’. Good luck!
  8. cracklingice

    cracklingice TS Rookie

    I'm in for making the fiance happy.
    Karine likes this.
  9. JCKillerOfEvil

    JCKillerOfEvil TS Rookie

    I agree with Reckqr277, often I wish to see how a contestant winner uses the prize(s), but that can have complications.
  10. Yeah I also found it odd that he was apparently an AMD fan but did not know ryzen was around the corner. Lol
  11. Gamblor

    Gamblor TS Rookie

    That Zer0 PC for the win!! Love the pop vinyl too! Best of luck dude! Also a shout out to Steve from Hardware Unboxed and TechSpot for making this series happen, it's an awesome idea and has been an absolute pleasure to watch!
  12. 000000

    000000 TS Member

    Season 2, I'm waiting for you.
  13. Kcube989

    Kcube989 TS Rookie

    Great choices for upgrades on these pc's but went for Deku
  14. SteveTS101

    SteveTS101 TS Rookie

    Zer0 because most visual upgrade!
  15. Hshmt Akira

    Hshmt Akira TS Rookie

    That is one amazing case you got there Ryan. Good luck and looking forward to season 2
  16. kifinas

    kifinas TS Rookie

    I really enjoyed the "Upgrade my PC" series.
  17. BraydenanAussie

    BraydenanAussie TS Rookie Posts: 16

    Best upgrade would definitely be Zer0 right now. But good luck all
  18. preston lewin

    preston lewin TS Rookie

    Good luck with that 1070! It's a beast of a card and when u win we all win my comrade. Game on my friend game on.
  19. hunteralex

    hunteralex TS Rookie

    Good luck
  20. Wizzaxx

    Wizzaxx TS Rookie

    Good luck everyone
  21. CHKY0609

    CHKY0609 TS Rookie

    Deku has to win, good luck
  22. Fester

    Fester TS Rookie

    Good luck! :)
  23. Nathan Saltarin

    Nathan Saltarin TS Rookie

    Good luck to everyone! Looking forward to the next season!
  24. Jack Arcomes

    Jack Arcomes TS Rookie

    Nicklas 'Zero' needs that case to keep his new components nice and cool, and that GPU will decently be a step up from the GTX 760. so good luck Nicklas but also good luck to the other contestants.
  25. gordonyusuf

    gordonyusuf TS Rookie

    Gl to all hope andrew wins
  26. JamsMD

    JamsMD TS Rookie

    Interesting season finale. Hope por JC to win.!

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