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Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 10: The Last 5


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Nov 18, 2017.
  1. Nicklas ‘Zer0’ from the United States

  2. Ryan ‘Nucleardoom’ from Canada

  3. Charles ‘Franken-Lien-Ator’ from Canada

  4. JC ‘Deku’ from the United States

  5. Andrew ‘ROG Beast’ from New Zealand

By Julio Franco · 708 replies
Nov 14, 2017
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  1. Junkers

    Junkers TS Rookie

    Good luck to all. This has been a great series and I can't wait for season 2!
  2. TheDankKnight

    TheDankKnight TS Rookie

    This season was great but hopefully you guys can expand to Asia too??? I cheated my address to a US shipping company last time lol
  3. MadMax0776

    MadMax0776 TS Member

    Good Luck to all the contestants this weekAlso want to thank steve for this awesome series that I'm thoroughly enjoying great first season
  4. Pennywise69

    Pennywise69 TS Member Posts: 20

    Good luck everyone!
  5. Sai Ram

    Sai Ram TS Rookie

    I hope the guy rocking the a10 cpu wins because he must be very limited because of it.
  6. reeeeeeeeeeeeee

    reeeeeeeeeeeeee TS Rookie

  7. Neal Arden

    Neal Arden TS Rookie

    Voted for JC's Deku, Let the worthy pc win!
  8. RudeDax

    RudeDax TS Rookie

    Had to vote for Charles that PC looks like a wounded war vitcim... :D
    Karine and Bearlevi007 like this.
  9. Dwayne Matheson

    Dwayne Matheson TS Rookie

    Good luck to all of the applicants.
  10. Niko846

    Niko846 TS Rookie

    Jc needs the power so he has my vote. I hope the next season brings the pc upgrades to international lands. This season has been amazing.
  11. AngeloW

    AngeloW TS Rookie

    As always, good luck everyone. And remember: EVERYONE deserves an upgrade!
    Karine likes this.
  12. K2Five

    K2Five TS Rookie

    Good luck to all the contestants, I hope the contest is expanded to other regions in the next season.
  13. JRock4siri

    JRock4siri TS Rookie

    "Deku" so he's a MHA fan too? (I'm guessing) Nice! Also love that simple one sticker on that Case and it's cool! Got my vote on that. This Season was entertaining and really enjoyable! I'm excited for the next and I wish everyone Good Luck on this! Hoping Season 2 isn't long from now because we both know we won't be able to wait long if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. Sneakblade

    Sneakblade TS Rookie

    That last one really seems like a waste.
  15. Dayshell77

    Dayshell77 TS Rookie

    I think Nicklas realllyyy deserves the win on this one
  16. ErikNZ

    ErikNZ TS Member Posts: 46   +10

    That was such a great series - pity my old rig didn't get chosen but I thoroughly enjoyed all the different PC's that were selected for the series.

    For this one Andrew gets my vote. Yes, he has the most capable system of them all in this selection but I much appreciate his very clean case design and cable management and his dedication to ASUS ROG gear. As Steve said, it's not all about who has the biggest potato.
  17. Thailer

    Thailer TS Rookie

    Gl hf!
  18. jmcudk

    jmcudk TS Rookie

    The Vegemite won me over, deku gets my vote xD
  19. Serban Andrei

    Serban Andrei TS Rookie

    Give Zer0 a case.
  20. PauladinWon

    PauladinWon TS Rookie

    This has been a great first season and congrats to all the winners. Hopefully Steve gave great upgrade path suggestions to the runner ups.

    I voted for JC this last episode. Felt his PC deserves the parts and I really like the small form factor build.

    Thanks to all the sponsors also.
  21. imrazor

    imrazor TS Rookie

    Anyone trying to game on an A10 APU deserves to be shown mercy. Here's a vote for Deku.
  22. Andrew584x

    Andrew584x TS Rookie

    I vote to cure that bad case of Zer0 airflow.
  23. Lunar Mountains

    Lunar Mountains TS Rookie

    JC could do with some cable management...but definitely a cool little rig, he got my vote
  24. Adriann Legaspi

    Adriann Legaspi TS Member

    Rename Deku to Minifridge and its a done deal
    wafflehigh likes this.
  25. GoraNZ

    GoraNZ TS Member

    I really wanted to vote for Andrew but JC's was just horrible ....

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