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Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 10: The Last 5


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Nov 18, 2017.
  1. Nicklas ‘Zer0’ from the United States

  2. Ryan ‘Nucleardoom’ from Canada

  3. Charles ‘Franken-Lien-Ator’ from Canada

  4. JC ‘Deku’ from the United States

  5. Andrew ‘ROG Beast’ from New Zealand

By Julio Franco · 708 replies
Nov 14, 2017
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  1. Erick Pecson

    Erick Pecson TS Rookie

    Goodluck participants, Nice whole season ! Hope more upcoming season to come. :)
  2. Andrei Tzaqa

    Andrei Tzaqa TS Rookie

    Funny how JC deku spend most of his money on the case. Can't wait for the next seasons :D
  3. Nalyak

    Nalyak TS Rookie

  4. LutzR93

    LutzR93 TS Rookie

    Can't wait for season 2 :D
  5. Verrm

    Verrm TS Member Posts: 39   +18

    I give my vote to Nicklas ‘Zer0’ from the United States, good luck!
  6. Ilia Parvanov

    Ilia Parvanov TS Rookie

    Can't believe how quickly this season went by!
  7. dickdon71

    dickdon71 TS Member Posts: 40   +22

    Very entertaining series so far. Looking forward to the next video that showcases the upgraded pc winners.
  8. thewaytonever

    thewaytonever TS Rookie

    Going with NuclearDoom.

    1. great name
    2. gotta vote for a fellow AMD fan boy
  9. Angelo Parlade

    Angelo Parlade TS Rookie

    Good Luck Nicolas! I'm a fellow gtx 760 owner
  10. Iconic

    Iconic TS Rookie

    I'd say this final episode is the toughest to vote! Well, other than Andrew of course hahahah
  11. Michael Dann

    Michael Dann TS Rookie

    Cant wait for the 2nd season, even if I dont get in, I still appreciate a youtuber giving away regularly to the PC community.
  12. RighteousBruce

    RighteousBruce TS Rookie

    A couple needed upgrades this time but those are the breaks :p
  13. Geniuswas

    Geniuswas TS Rookie

    Deku really needs an upgrade...
  14. lewisj2501

    lewisj2501 TS Rookie

    Good luck everyone, I can't wait for season 2!!!
  15. RaptorJesus

    RaptorJesus TS Rookie

    Karine likes this.
  16. Alicar

    Alicar TS Rookie

    Great first season! Cant wait for then next season :)) good luck to everyone
  17. Dvorski

    Dvorski TS Rookie

    Deku finna gona win
  18. Antonije Jojic

    Antonije Jojic TS Rookie

    Good luck guys and Steve now is the time to pick me :cool:
  19. Dodgexander

    Dodgexander TS Rookie

    This is closer than previous weeks!
    As for what needs to be improved? not much. Perhaps dump where people are from? Or notify users if they aren't accepted?
  20. Lewis Henshaw

    Lewis Henshaw TS Rookie

    Good luck to the people who are trying to get lucky?
  21. draufganger

    draufganger TS Rookie

    Upgrade for the 4430 guy, gotta have a winner in which cpu isnt getting update.
  22. Danel B

    Danel B TS Rookie

    I enjoyed this season alot. Good stuff Steve!
  23. Catatonic21

    Catatonic21 TS Rookie

    Casted my vote to JC good luck guys
  24. Plautukas

    Plautukas TS Rookie

    JC should win... his APU isnt much of a "beast" what I can say and his taste in games is pretty good ;)
    wafflehigh likes this.
  25. Juboraz

    Juboraz TS Rookie

    I just hope this series never ends :( :(

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