Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 3: Core Hi Five!

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Gotta go with Akki on this one. Some of the people entering these contests don't seem to know what true low end hardware is. I'm certainly throwing my Q6600 gaming/backup image storage/home server/torrent/co-op N64 emulation machine in the next contest! I've been limping it along for nearly a decade now with free hardware I beg off of family/friends.
Good luck man! I look forward to voting for your system ;)
I feel so bad for Akki, hence why he gets my vote. A old CPU along with a dead DIMM slot only allowing him single-channel. It's a FeelsBadMan for him.

Lets all hope he gets a decent GPU for the right price in the future to replace that 480!
Voted for ray.
Hope you get this series done international in the next season. My pc needs to ryzen (rise) from its hardships:'(.
I have an i5-4440 with a nvidia gt740.
I know poor choices were made.
Hope you have a good day:)


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Akki's PC seems like the obvious pick for me, the last three systems in the video all seem pretty decent in their own right and really just need a bit of a clean up. Ray's PC is a pretty comfortable second place in my mind. A new case and a beefier cooler would probably alleviate a lot of his issues, and that i5-750 could probably hit higher clocks too.
Akki's PC really needs professional help. Totally voted for him.

Been there myself with an S939 Athlon 64 X2 4800+ on an nForce3 Ultra motherboard that could only do accelerated graphics with Windows 7 in single core mode using a flaky 256MB HD 2600 Pro AGP(?!?) card with a flaky pre(historic) 80 rated PSU that kept eating HDDs, right up to 2015.

Now got two systems that're significantly better and much more stable. An 8GB E8400/2GB 750 Ti XP/8.1 build and a 32GB 4790K/4GB 960 SLI 10 build using SanDisk X400 system SSDs and Western Digital Black data HDDs with EVGA G2 PSUs. Ironically, I started the E8400 XP/8.1 build after the 4790K build to replace the Athlon 4800+ one to be able to carry on with old XP games and software when the 4790K build didn't work too well with USB devices in a dual boot configuration.

Lived on nothing but value beans and porridge, with multi-vitamin, mineral & cod liver oil pills, and no new clothes for around 2 years to do these builds. Sacrifices to Gaben had to be made to ascend to something resembling this decade's idea of PCMR goodness.

Good luck to all the contestants!


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Akki by a landslide. man there really wasn't a chance for anyone else, that thing reminds me of the vast majority of my computer cases. thankfully a friend donated me a haf evo xb for my rig, prior to that I was living off of cardboard on my desk.


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Tough one for me - between Akki for his persistence with that case and ray for me. Voting ray as I can sympathize with the i5-750 - definitely showing it's age in performance now, was still using one myself up until a month ago when I almost fried it.....