Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 4: FX-6300 Owners Club

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Shoot! I missed the voting deadline but my vote would've been for Gabriel's "Deathstar" rig. Looks like he's ahead. All of these computers are at least a generation ahead of mine. Is it sad that I'd take any of them and be content? Haha. One mans junk is another mans prize.

Shane Johnson

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My votes id for Gabriel ‘Deathstar’ for the simple reason that his situation is most similar to mine and I would have liked to have been voted for have I been selected. P.S I did submit an entry for episode tow but that turned out be an i5 special idk if I should have submitted again for this one but either ways I was not selected .. sigh anyways good luck bro


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You think I don't understand that fact clearly enough, please look over my last reply.
There always a way to upgrade or a buy a new computer, if the person has a steady goal in mind for it.
This is probably why I didn't vote and support this contest, most of you all are gunning for one person to win it all.
There are other people who need it more than that particular person, with that said enjoy the contest and see you on the forums.
you said "what happen to the old fashion way of earning money ?" and "Hiding the money underneath the house or somewhere else and go back to it when you got enough ?"

I would need 2 jobs to be able to afford ONE component a month and that would be pushing it with the amount of money I would need to just live right now.

most people right now simply cant "get money the old fashioned way" because those dont exist anymore. its the new way only and that working poverty, which since they, and I, have these old computers means they, and I, cant afford to get new components.


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Gabriel: fx6300 + GTX750Ti for sure needs an upgrade. I have never run into those fx chips, but my friends have suffered a lot.
Although, I really wish if the budget would somehow allow for r5-1400 + GTX1060-3G as that would be an awesome upgrade package.


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I always vote for the people who need a new graphics card... Gabriel's poor poor 750ti makes me want to hug him. Which is why he gets my condolences and vote!


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Gabriel ‘Deathstar’ congrats, you are the most needed in terms of upgrade, gl with your new build and play hard ;)


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I entered my PC "Hayabusa" over a week ago, and was one of the runner ups, as said in the video, but got no email for a game code for Rainbow Six Siege. At least I took some high quality pics and got featured for episode 4.