Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 4: FX-6300 Owners Club


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Sep 29, 2017.
  1. Samuel ‘Sam's Cougar’ from Australia

  2. Kevin ‘Hayabusa’ from the United States

  3. Alex ‘Minion’ from the United States

  4. Mckay ‘Zeus’ from New Zealand

  5. Gabriel ‘Deathstar’ from the United States

By Julio Franco · 542 replies
Sep 26, 2017
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  1. Welcome to Episode 4 of Upgrade My PC Please!

    First things first, last week's episode we had you voting for five PCs in need of upgrades and you voted Akki’s "a-cart-ski" the most worthy of receiving the proposed package. Therefore we have our first New Zealand-based winner and coming Akki’s way is a brand new Ryzen 5 1400 CPU, Gigabyte B350 motherboard, 8GB of DDR4 memory and the Fractal Design Focus Mini G computer case.

    So congratulations to Akki and the good news is all four runners-up will be receiving a Rainbow Six Siege game code from Ubisoft. Big thanks again to Ubisoft for supporting the series and providing our contestants with free games.

    Don’t forget to vote each week as that will place you in the running to win some cool prizes and that will be a global giveaway. Last week Ed Samuels won a Ryzen 5 1600 processor. This week we have another very cool prize, for now we have five PCs all in need of various upgrades so let’s check them out…

    • Samuel ‘Sam's Cougar’ from Australia
    • Kevin ‘Hayabusa’ from the United States
    • Alex ‘Minion’ from the United States
    • Mckay ‘Zeus’ from New Zealand
    • Gabriel ‘Deathstar’ from the United States

    That's 5 power hungry FX-6300 PCs all in need of an upgrade. It’s your job to let us know which one you think is the most deserving of receiving our proposed upgrade package. To cast your vote please go to our forum poll.

    By signing up for the forums, commenting and voting you’ll also go in the running to win some cool prizes, and again, that part will be a global giveaway.

    Speaking of which, the readers winner for Episode 3 is JKWilli, congratulations! You have an awesome Ryzen 5 1500X processor from AMD coming your way. Big thanks to AMD for providing this prize. Remember to vote and comment every week as we have more awesome prizes for our readers to take home. Voting is open until Friday.

    Upgrade my PC Please will continue with weekly episodes every Tuesday for the next few weeks, so watch, vote, comment, spread the word, and repeat!

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  2. XtrayLk

    XtrayLk TS Rookie

    First vote. Hope Sam gets a worthy upgrade!
    Kevin Van Neste likes this.
  3. Wolmar

    Wolmar TS Rookie

    Good luck, Gabriel!
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2017
  4. Harrice

    Harrice TS Rookie

    Good luck Gabriel! Your 750Ti definitely needs an upgrade
  5. SirTheo60

    SirTheo60 TS Rookie

    I hope these guys do a better job with cable management on their new builds...
    Ectoska likes this.
  6. CapnKitten

    CapnKitten TS Rookie

    Good luck guys! Gabriel's 750 ti has become a bit dated, and combined with the FX 6300, it just makes it even worse, so he has my vote.
    AlexSkyline, Reehahs and MadMax0776 like this.
  7. ryeIII

    ryeIII TS Rookie

    Good Luck Everyone!Swap Gabriel's Potato GPU!
  8. 8ballchrono

    8ballchrono TS Member

    Echoing others here, voting for Gabriel. All of the other PC's have great GPU's already.
    ShadowDust and Sotiris Sot like this.
  9. Blues Gutierrez

    Blues Gutierrez TS Rookie

    Hope sam gets the upgrade...if not..whoever gets, I hope you enjoy the upgrade. :)
  10. RhinoB

    RhinoB TS Rookie

    Good luck! Sam!
  11. Nikhil Sai

    Nikhil Sai TS Rookie

    Good luck Gabriel your system is worthy of update
  12. Sotiris Sot

    Sotiris Sot TS Rookie

    Good luck guys ! Let the votes begin ! ! ! I hope Gabriel ‘Deathstar’ from the United States wins ! I feel him,I have the potato GTX 760...
    DiJonKariz likes this.
  13. DanishTheMenace

    DanishTheMenace TS Rookie

    Was gonna vote for Sam but seeing Gabriel deathstar, it needs the upgrade more.
  14. OldFrankHog

    OldFrankHog TS Rookie

    Has to be Gabriel. But good luck to everyone!
  15. Oskar Page

    Oskar Page TS Rookie

    Gabriel definitely is getting my vote that 750ti is so outdated
    NG Gamer and Sotiris Sot like this.
  16. Kamui04

    Kamui04 TS Rookie

    Gabriel's 750ti really needs an upgrade
    NG Gamer likes this.
  17. JKWilli

    JKWilli TS Member

    Good luck Gabe! You need it the most. That 750ti will slow you down. A much needed upgrade along with the CPU. Mostly since everyone else has a RX 480/GTX 1060 or better.
  18. Nevskii

    Nevskii TS Rookie

    That 750Ti made me die a little on the inside :(
  19. DELTAprime

    DELTAprime TS Rookie

    Hard to choose this week, I'm going with the random number generator method to decide.
  20. Teemo4Life

    Teemo4Life TS Rookie

    Gabriel 'Deathstar' deserves the upgrade

    I had a 750 ti and it was good years ago but now it's not cutting it especially for AAA modern games
    NG Gamer likes this.
  21. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster TS Rookie

    Rooting for Gabby
    NG Gamer likes this.
  22. NoobRegular

    NoobRegular TS Rookie

    Gabriel has my vote, gosh that 750 ti is horrendous especially when its paired with the FX-6300. Honestly, I feel like Steve could have went for the Ryzen 3 1200 and squeezed in a 1060 3gb
    NG Gamer and Sonyfreak like this.
  23. beasso81au

    beasso81au TS Rookie

    My vote is for Samuel because who doesn't love a good Aussie cougar...
    Mizocker and ed samuels like this.
  24. Phantumix

    Phantumix TS Rookie

    Man that 750ti needs an upgrade asap
    it hurts
    NG Gamer and Mizocker like this.
  25. pk010302

    pk010302 TS Rookie

    Gabriel FTW! He deserves that upgrade the most, although I did have a hard time picking who to vote.

    (And here I am, running my games on integrated graphics. :'()

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