Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 5: Dem Tings Wit Graphics

Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

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Upgrading Vince's PC seems like the best possible choice here :). While all of the "competitors" would very much benefit from having their PC (mostly CPU) upgraded, Vince's PC is just that much more worse (sorry Vince) because of that missing GPU. So good luck to you Vince, hope you win and enjoy that very much needed upgrade ;).
You get a ryzen, you get a ryzen, EVERYONE* GETS A RYZEN.

But seriously, I know the struggle too well with having a apu. My a8-5500 was so bad. ugh. I cant believe I was able to play on it from 2013 to 2017. I upgraded myself to ryzen (1600) quite recently and already performance is through the roof with my day to day task, not just game. Only think I'm lacking in my build is a better gpu (working with a r9 270 for now) and more storage.

Anyways, some interesting builds. Good luck to the contestants!
Sama's Upgrades are fairly reasonable, but I'm surprised to see a suggestion for the R3 1200 and GTX 1060 3GB. IMO, I think the R5 1400 or 1500X with a GTX 1050 Ti would've been a better choice, due to the 1050 Ti having more VRAM and having SMT on the Ryzen Cores. Nevertheless, I know OCing the R3 CPUs can get you close to R5 Performance, so I may be wrong to suggest that.

Good luck to Everyone, and may the bes- I mean, worst build win.

A GTX 1060 3GB is almost 60% faster than a GTX 1050Ti 4GB. The 4GB on the 1050Ti doesn't compensate for its lower performance.
I upgraded my htpc from a Asus gtx 1050ti 4gb Strix to an inno3d gtx 1060 3gb and the difference was hughe.

I also wote for PotatoSama. He should be able to game a little :)
Man Vince doesn't even have a graphics card... I really feel bad for him hope he can win that pc really needs an upgrade!
Wow, this has been the hardest decision yet, all really deserving! I ended up voting for Harris, that power supply scares me, + the fact that he uses the PC for more than gaming, was the deciding factor. Good Luck to everyone!!
Lol. I think this week was a bit unbalanced. On one hand you got people with 480's and then you got a guy without dedicated graphics!