Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 5: Dem Tings Wit Graphics

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I vote for PotatoSama that lack of a dedicated GPU is a really killer for anything and I know how bad it is my brother has a system with an AMD A10-7850k and always complained his games would run bad until I finally bought him a GPU for his birthday even if it is only a Nvidia GTX1050.
I vote for Liam. As someone who also experienced PSU failure (that came with the case) destroying my GPU along the way and than 6years after that fan on the replacement PSU died (replaced the fan) and monitor death this year... I feel ya.. :confused:
I vote for Harris' "Civil Ironside Revised". As a college student who uses CAD programs extensively, I can understand the importance of a good system to eliminate any amount of sluggishness. That new CPU is a must, as well as faster memory. As far as the PSU, yeahhh... better update it before it explodes while working on something important!
Not really sure how it would be possible to go through that many Mobos and Cpus Liam. Hope your setup at the moment lasts you for some time :)
PotatoSama deserves my vote, no sign that there has been even a lot end card in there while all others can afford a grapichs card
PotatoSama all the way... even tho they could all use an upgrade for sure. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate what this series is doing for people and their antiquated machines.
No dedicated GPU get's my vote. Couldn't imagine even doing that. Makes me appreciate my computer a lot more!
I'll have to go with Vince ‘PotatoSama’ from the United States because I think he needs a GPU and a new PSU. The suggest upgrade give him those and a new platform upgrade, so that's really maxing out the price money..