Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 6: Core 2 Quad Land


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

  1. Andrew ‘Due Retirement’ from the UK

  2. Mitchell ‘Blue Lightning’ from Australia

  3. David ‘The Dyson’ from the UK

  4. Bruce ‘Rockin Da Oldies’ from the United States

  5. Francis ‘Hot Tomale’ from Canada

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By Julio Franco · 695 replies
Oct 10, 2017
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  1. NightHawk69

    NightHawk69 TS Rookie

    Let's see some intel CPU's now that they are competitive again!
  2. fadingfool

    fadingfool TS Booster Posts: 63   +72

    Due retirement and the Dyson are in desperate need - though I voted for David the Dyson as that 1TB "Deathstar" would keep me awake at nights.......
  3. Adam Darroll

    Adam Darroll TS Rookie

    Due retirement is in need of retirement :D
    Berserker07 likes this.
  4. Shadowstar29

    Shadowstar29 TS Rookie

    I hope david wins. From someone who edits photos, I too know that feeling of having your software crash on you.
  5. Rishav Paul

    Rishav Paul TS Rookie

    I share ur pain mates. I use a fossil compared to those relics. Anyone remember the c2d e7500. Yeah. Lol. That CPU is now currently bottlenecking my GTX 960.
  6. BDavid

    BDavid TS Rookie

    Here I'm sitting with five year old laptop. Go Mitchell!
  7. cartera

    cartera TS Evangelist Posts: 374   +118

    Voting looks tight at the moment. Can you send some cable management guides with the new parts, there are same cable management nightmares there!
  8. Broden

    Broden TS Rookie

    Good luck Mitchell. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI!
  9. 8ballchrono

    8ballchrono TS Member

    Yeah, same here. I thought one of us would get the "Steve" treatment! This week, I'm voting for Mitchell. Looks like it will be another close potato race!
  10. andROYd25

    andROYd25 TS Rookie

    Supporting Aussie Mitchell for his very first build (and possible upgrade if he wins). Good luck to everyone anyway.
  11. Lachlan203

    Lachlan203 TS Rookie

    Good luck guys! I have to give my vote blue lightning. An i5 8400 should an amazing upgrade for him. Especially in his first build, I hope he gets a better graphics card to make it a perfect match.
  12. Fester

    Fester TS Rookie

    'Due Retirement' ... really needs retirement :)
    Berserker07 likes this.
  13. Dendy R1

    Dendy R1 TS Rookie

    R.I.P (Retirement In Peace) lol
    Berserker07 likes this.
  14. Fester

    Fester TS Rookie

    'Due Retirement' ... really needs retirement :)
    Berserker07 likes this.
  15. James95

    James95 TS Rookie

    Mitchell deserve the upgrade! =D
  16. Wizzaxx

    Wizzaxx TS Rookie

    Go Francis
  17. SneakyGamer

    SneakyGamer TS Rookie

    I think they all equally deserve an upgrade, but I'll go with Mitchell's blue lightning.
  18. Agastya Singh

    Agastya Singh TS Rookie

    A nice pc is due for Andrew now I. Guess
    Berserker07 likes this.
  19. Kaido

    Kaido TS Rookie

    Hope that Blue Lightning gets a proper lightning inside it :)
  20. Razor MAN

    Razor MAN TS Rookie

    Good Luck Bruce, unleash your R9 390!
  21. bloat

    bloat TS Rookie

    I owned Q9300 till last year. Before watching video I decided to vote for somebody with Q9300, but my vote goes to Andrew. I think he deserves it more.
    Berserker07 likes this.
  22. staubgame

    staubgame TS Rookie

    Q6600 poor dude ^^
  23. AstralKaos

    AstralKaos TS Rookie

    It just feels like such a waste to see that (now retro) Wave Master wasted. Something about its complete irrelevance to modern case design that I like :3
    Berserker07 likes this.
  24. Lonfyre

    Lonfyre TS Rookie

    Putting my vote towards Bruce, though Mitchell was a strong contender. I feel a little bad leaving this one up to a coin flip.
  25. F0RCE

    F0RCE TS Rookie

    Really hard to choose from, as all of them need an upgrade. Good luck for everyone but Blue Lightning gets my vote!

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