Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 6: Core 2 Quad Land


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

  1. Andrew ‘Due Retirement’ from the UK

  2. Mitchell ‘Blue Lightning’ from Australia

  3. David ‘The Dyson’ from the UK

  4. Bruce ‘Rockin Da Oldies’ from the United States

  5. Francis ‘Hot Tomale’ from Canada

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By Julio Franco · 695 replies
Oct 10, 2017
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  1. OldFrankHog

    OldFrankHog TS Rookie

    Good luck Francis!
  2. TrstnKndrk

    TrstnKndrk TS Rookie

    I just had to vote for hot tomale, because I can relate to his story. though not gifted a system, I have got some parts for cheap through bf privileges.
  3. Grainger26

    Grainger26 TS Rookie

    I liked the 'Hot Tamale' story, so that pc received my vote.
  4. FrankieOnSBS

    FrankieOnSBS TS Rookie

    I got the same case, lovin it!
    Berserker07 likes this.
  5. Akshay Silswal

    Akshay Silswal TS Member Posts: 21   +9

    Francis ‘Hot Tomale’ gets my vote.
    But be careful mate after upgrading your upset girlfriend will smack you with your old PC :p
    Jokes apart Good Luck everyone :)
  6. jackthemonkey

    jackthemonkey TS Rookie

    Good luck all!
  7. Carlos69

    Carlos69 TS Rookie

    Hope Bruce get it he will get more out of the upgrade
  8. WhackedMoss3

    WhackedMoss3 TS Member

    Having both Q9650 and Q6600 , I can sympathise with anyone wanting to move on, it was a hard decision, I thought all the contestants were duly deserving of an upgrade, Good luck Mitchell you have my vote!
  9. ErikNZ

    ErikNZ TS Member Posts: 46   +10

    It's "Hot Tomale" for me as well although they all deserve an upgrade!
  10. markseoguy

    markseoguy TS Rookie

    GL to Mitchell! I think she deserves it!
  11. gerod

    gerod TS Rookie

    Blue Lightning deserves the upgrade the most! Definitely!
    A 160GB hdd plus a monitor like that? C'mon guys...
    markseoguy likes this.
  12. Nacho Man

    Nacho Man TS Rookie

    When I can't decide, I vote Aussie.
    markseoguy likes this.
  13. Zer0676

    Zer0676 TS Rookie

    Hope Mitchell wins. He needs that upgrade. Good luck all
  14. oztron

    oztron TS Rookie

    I voted for David. And his cable management. LOL
  15. ckweston

    ckweston TS Member

    Andy gets my vote. Love the case - I've got an old Thermaltake tsunami dream case with my backup system in it. They're a nice change from some of the boring black boxes on offer these days :)
    Berserker07 likes this.
  16. Davidr9889

    Davidr9889 TS Rookie

    I vote for "Hot Tomale" since he has already started with his upgrades, and needs a little bit more to finish.
  17. Colin Littley

    Colin Littley TS Rookie

    I dont like anything being put down and if its due retirement and get a few more years give that sucka a chance at a new life go Andrew love the case.
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  18. Adam W

    Adam W TS Rookie

    Andrew's is definitely to for retirement .
    Berserker07 likes this.
  19. Panwala95

    Panwala95 TS Rookie

    I voted for Bruce solely due to the lack of an I/o shield in his rig.
  20. NotHarim

    NotHarim TS Rookie

    The "due retirement" gets my vote
    Berserker07 likes this.
  21. Diemudda

    Diemudda TS Rookie

    Hmm hard to choose this week.
  22. Citer25

    Citer25 TS Rookie

    That title really didn't lie. Core 2's for days, but at the end of the day there can only be one winner my vote goes for Blue Lightning.
  23. gotsand75

    gotsand75 TS Rookie

    Someone needs to dust lol
  24. Skinnwalk3r

    Skinnwalk3r TS Rookie

    The ''Due retirment'' got my vote, but good luck to everyone :)
    Berserker07 likes this.
  25. Proesterchen

    Proesterchen TS Rookie

    One of these rounds, you should give the winner a complete PC Steve, and have him destroy his crusty old clunker in a fit of cartoon violence!

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